Monsters Attack #2

mattack2Monster Attack! was a short lived black and white horror magazine published by Globe Communications, the same folks responsible for Cracked magazine, from 1989 to 1990.  Editor Mort Todd mixed horror stories from famous artists with articles on  horror films, directors, and monster icons.  Issue two featured a retrospective on  NOES 1-4 written by Kevin McMahon.  Along with reviews for each film McMahon explains how each film added to the growing popularity of Freddy Krueger.  The article and cover art were intended to capture  the attention of Freddy fans eagerly awaiting the release of NOES 5.  This wasn’t Freddy’s only appearance on a Monsters Attack! cover.  He can be seen on cover of the first issue, lurking behind a cadre of famous movie monsters.

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  1. Those were the days. This Freddy issue actually outsold Marvel’s official B&W Freddy magazine.

  2. […] In the 60s, monster magazines were incredibly popular. The aforementioned Famous Monsters of Filmland, Monster World, Horror Monsters, Mad Monsters, Monsters Unlimited. The list is pretty endless. This is around the time Cracked debuted their first foray into monster territory, For Monsters Only. It would prove to be a popular format and would lead to two collected works, Those Cracked Monsters and the simply-titled Monsters. A bit of history is always relevant for context, but these inceptions were before my time so it’s time to talk about the ones I collected and adored: Monster Party and Monsters Attack! […]

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