More Images From The Final Destination

One film I’m actually really starting to look forward to is The Final Destination, in what promises to be a gruesome and fun experience. Following on from the images first published by DVD-Forum last week, here’s a new selection from the film’s official site and Facebook page!


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7 Responses to “ More Images From The Final Destination ”

  1. That bottom picture is awsome

  2. That last pic is friggin’ wicked!!! Getting more excited to see this!

  3. obviously the last image is the aftermath of the chick getting hit with the tire.

  4. Man there seems like there are some great kills in this movie
    but THE final destination Really?
    is it really over? lol
    why dont they bring back some old characters like from the sequels or something i mean i love every movie even though the 3rd has no original characters but thats becuase they are entertaining but i think if they were to make another (probably not aka THE fianl destination lol) i think they should bring back the surviving characters from 2 3 and the 4th.

  5. I have little to no interest in yet another Final Destination flick. The first was really good and then they just went downhill. My money is going to HAlloween 2.

  6. I like this series a lot. I am looking forward to seeing this!

  7. Great I’m already scared of escalators!

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