More Slashers on Disc

More slasher and proto-slasher discs are on their way.

October 13: The Stepfather

This terrific 1987 slasher has been M.I.A. on DVD for far too long. Lost’s Terry O’Quinn stars as a family man who, when disappointed by his family, simply kills them, changes his identity, and moves on to a new family until they, inevitably, disappoint him too. A Shout! Factory release, the Stepfather disc features a commentary from director Joseph Ruben, a retrospective documentary, and the original US theatrical trailer. US retail: $19.99

October 13: The William Castle Collection

Once they’ve gone OOP, some discs of William Castle’s fun flicks are notoriously hard (i.e. expensive) to get a hold of. Sony Pictures rectifies this to some degree (it packs a mighty price tag) with the release of The William Castle Collection, including Homicidal (see Proto-Slashers review on this site) and Straight-Jacket, starring Joan Crawford as an axe-murderess who is released after years in an asylum. The set also includes 13 Frightened Girls, 13 Ghosts, Mr. Sardonicus, the remake of James Whale’s classic The Old Dark House, The Tingler, and Zotz. The collection features a ton of extras, but missing from the set are I Saw What You Did (again, check out Proto-Slashers here for deets), Macabre, House on Haunted Hill, and Night Walker. Cover art unavailable at this time. US retail: $80.95


November 24: The House on Sorority Row (25th Anniversary Edition)

A terrific slasher flick in the classic mold, 1983’s The House on Sorority Row is a must-have for any slasher fan. After a prank goes awry, someone starts killing the sorority sisters of Theta Pi. Full of memorable characters, smart directorial choices, set pieces, and suspense, HOSR was originally released by Elite Entertainment on DVD in 2000 and again in 2003. The OOP dics are currently selling online around the $50 mark. Liberation Entertainment make this more assessable to slasher fans with a space in their DVD collections for a bloody sorority house. Special Feature details to come. US Retail: $19.95

DVD releases of slasher classics — pristine, uncut, and in their original aspect ratios — are certainly the best thing to come out of the glut of lame slasher movie remakes. Despite the limp PG-13 reincarnations, renewed interest in the originals has created a boon for slasher fans. Sit back, tense up, and enjoy!

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18 Responses to “ More Slashers on Disc ”

  1. I’m pretty excited about Sorority Row!

  2. Hell yeah for William Castle. Becasue of his gimmicks I think some people don’t realze how good of a filmmaker he was.I am buying it. Deepdiscountdvd has it for 65 bucks free shipping. If only it had Macabre I would be complete. Damn it.

  3. YES!!!! sorority row WOO

  4. we need Stepfather 3!

  5. I’m hoping the lost ending will be included with the extras for HoSR. Or at least a commentary track with members of the cast and Mark Rosman,

  6. house on sorority row way cool

  7. I will be getting my grubby little hands on The Stepfather and House On Sorority Row. I’m curious to see the retrospective documentary on The Stepfather. Aside from a trailer, I haven’t seen anything as far as behind-the-scenes stuff on it. Daddy’s home!

  8. I am all sorts of excited about each of these releases. It’s about time The Stepfather came out on DVD. I’m a big fan of William Castle’s films so these re releases are welcomed. The House on Sorority Row is one of the best slasher films made. A new DVD with special features is a much needed improvement over the bare bones original DVD.

  9. Yes, and don’t forget about Happy Birthday to Me on Oct. 13th (I think) with the original score.

  10. Of course these aren’t slashers, but Phantasm II and The Gate are being released soon as well!

  11. I hope Liberation Entertainment’s release of THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW is going to be worthwhile, because I’m considering selling my Elite Entertainment DVD if I’m going to be double dipping on a DVD that’s just as good or better quality. Well, I’m of course going to make a back-up copy to tide me over before the new one’s released…! The page on their site makes me have my doubts, though:

    The cover featured on their site lists it as a “Full Scream Edition.” Ummm, no thank you if that’s the case. There’s gonna have to be some REALLY good extras if it’s full screen (such as alternate endings and deleted scenes…an actual theatrical trailer, commentary, the works)! Although, that could just be conceptual artwork because the cover featured on states “25th Anniversary Edition” and looks spiffier in my opinion.

    Anyone know any specifics on this release? I shot Liberation an e-mail to see if they could provide some details. Thanks…

  12. I’m going to name two classic films that will FINALLY be released on dvd come october (my favourite month! ;))….

    *Dark Night Of The Scarecrow (*Granted, not a slasher flick but one of the best damn made for tv chillers ever! Next to “Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark of course!

    *Night Of The Creeps

    Thrill me! Thrill me! Fuckin’ thrill me tom atkins!!!!
    I even heard there will be BOTH the orginal VHS version and uncut version with that really cool ending with the spaceship and graveyard! Cannot wait! Oct 21st! All horror movie geeks can finally rejoice!

    Would love to read a review on this one chris!

  13. Zach Hunchar (Director, Operations of Liberation Entertainment) provided the following specs for THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW DVD:

    16×9 Widescreen
    5.1 Dolby Digital
    Commentary with – Writer, Director, Producer – Mark Rosman
    -Actor – Kate McNeil
    -Actor – Eileen Davidson
    Original Trailer
    Storyboard Comparisons
    Production Photos

    …I also asked if they were able to locate any alternated endings or deleted scenes. Waiting to see what he says about that. But otherwise, this edition seems to be heaps better than the barebones Elite disc.

  14. Eileen Davidson? Kristen Dimera? Awesome!

  15. I’m so excited about the release of Night Of The Creeps!! I’m glad the wait is almost over.

  16. Don’t forget Eileen as Susan…LMAO!!!

  17. That’s right, and Eileen as Sister Mary Moira Banks and Eileen as Penelope Kent. She was also Thomas Banks, but I missed that on Dool.

  18. Oh yeah…she was CRAZY on that show!! Can’t wait to see what she and Katy McNeil have to saw about HOSR…

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