Mother's Day Remake Update


For all those that haven’t been following the updates, another eighties classic to get the remake treatment is Mother’s Day, a film which slasher-friendly critic Roger Ebert once described as having ‘images of vile and depraved sadism.’

Darren Lynn Bousman had already directed three Saw sequels when he was tipped to helm an update of the David Cronenberg classic Scanners. Now with that being ancient history, and Repo! The Genetic Opera proving that he could produce unique and exciting work, he has instead set his sights on Charles Kaufman’s 1980 cult favourite.

“Going LOCATION SCOUTING tomorrow for MOTHERS DAY! Need a great location for all those kills,” teasted Bousman on his Twitter profile, indicating that pre-production on the project is now underway. Keep an eye out for more updates…


Source: Darren Lynn Bousman

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3 Responses to “ Mother's Day Remake Update ”

  1. Wow, they really are ramping up to do this!

  2. Good! I’m actually looking forward to this remake. And to think they hinted that this would be a franchise. Bring it on!

  3. How successful was the original? I always thought it was just a cult favorite. Big fan of the original and excited about this, REPO was very different indeed.

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