MPAA Rates The Final Destination


It will hardly come as a surprise to those who have followed the series thus far, but the MPAA have granted The Final Destination (the fourth of the series, which had peviously been known as Final Destination: Death Trip) with an R-rating.

With its predecessors boasting an array of gruesome set pieces, David R. Ellis’ 3D sequel has been classified as such due to ‘strong violent/gruesome accidents, language and a scene of sexuality.’

I wouldn’t have it any other way…


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6 Responses to “ MPAA Rates The Final Destination ”

  1. Just one scene of sexuality? Just ONE scene? Hrmph.

  2. Hey John remember with the exception of that girl flashing her titties in 2 and the makeout scene between Alex and Clear in the first one there hasn’t been Sexuality in the FD series.

  3. Well… well… we better be getting 3D boobies then!

  4. We got to see boobies in part 3 with the two chicks in the tanning booths. My favorite scene!

  5. Oh c’mon!

    Final destination series is garbage.

    Dont waste your time on this shit.

    Even the orginal wasnt anything to write home about…or your local funeral parlor.

  6. I have absolutly no desire to see another Final Destination film. 1 was good, 2 stated the downhill plunge and I couldn’t even finish the 3rd one.

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