Mutilator Goodies

Here are some photos of stuff from Buddy Cooper’s The Mutilator I’d like to share with you. Click for larger versions:

The NC beachhouse the film was shot at.

The hook from that infamous scene.

The actual clapboard used in the film.

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7 Responses to “ Mutilator Goodies ”

  1. Okay, um WHAT??????
    What the hell? How aboot a little story to go with the pics? How did you come across this stuff?

    Don’t get me wrong, the pictures are the main attraction, thank you for sharing them.

    But set the stage!
    Where is the house? Is that where the hook & clapboard are? How did you come across all this? etc.

  2. what the hell? how did you get those???
    friggin awesome man!
    tell us more!

  3. cool pic!!! Are you the guy who have the chance to interview Buddy cooper and put the video on you tube! you know you are a lucky man!!! im jealous :)

  4. haha fabulous! That poster with the hook sure does look familiar! ::wink wink::

  5. so is the DVD coming out from Code Red or not?? just say yes or no!

  6. Buddy Cooper is so totally my idol. These are great photos!

  7. That is so awesome, amazing collection pieces.

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