My Bloody Valentine (1981) Special Edition Trailer

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6 Responses to “ My Bloody Valentine (1981) Special Edition Trailer ”

  1. any word on a blu-ray release?

  2. Awesome Counting Down The Days, Till
    MY B V “UnCut”

  3. hopefully there’s never a blu-ray release. what a waste that format is

  4. Friggin’ awesome – I can’t wait!

  5. If they started cutting NEW trailers of these OLD slashers, they would probably gain enough interest in a theatrical re-release instead of spending all of the money on a remake. This trailer looks very modern for a 1981 filck, and I bet if it played on t.v., people would buy it as a new horror film and actually go see it. Obviously in my eyes that would be cooler to see in the theater than the new remake.


  6. Fuck! Yeah! I cannot wait for this to come out on DVD. It will be mine on day 1.

    Can’t wait for the remake either. These first couple months are going to be Nirvana for stalk n slash fans.

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