My Bloody Valentine 3D Poster Art

The San Diego Comic-Con is in full effect, and screenwriter Todd Farmer here shows off the snazzy poster art for the upcoming My Bloody Valentine 3D. Looks like a proud papa, don’t he? Send all cigars to This is a redux I’m definitely looking forward to – Harry Warden escaping the 2nd Dimension. Rock it.

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28 Responses to “ My Bloody Valentine 3D Poster Art ”

  1. meh.. i want my bloody valentine part 2. tired of remakes, not gunna waste my money.

  2. The only thing that interests me as far as My Bloody Valentine goes is: 1. a “real” DVD release full of extras like deleted scenes and a commentary and 2. a sequel. A remake does nothing for me. Blech on all remakes.

  3. Meh, bummer. We all took it seriously and I thought it turned out great. Never been able to say that before. But if you guys don’t like remakes…meh.

  4. Wow, ya know… I actually like that poster art! I could lose the 3D text on it though.

  5. Love the poster. Would love it even more on my wall.
    I know how you feel about remakes for the most part but I’ll reserve my disdain for the Asian reboot machine and humbly suggest that some re-jigs are required to keep the genre alive. Though not slashers, consider the Dawn of the Dead scenario. “The Kids” don’t care about Romero’s shambling pus pockets, they want Snyder’s amped up undead, the Dawn vs. Land of the Dead box office draw or lack thereof should drive that point home to a certain extent. The other remake bonus is that we often get re-issues of the originals (there’s likely a reason why the original Valentine is out of print – studios don’t often miss the chance to petition for your pennies), so there is a silver lining for those not interested in updates. I personally can’t wait for the new Friday the 13th and am cautiously optimistic for the new Elm Street, mostly because of how well I thought the Chainsaw reboot turned out (even if none have lived up to it since, like Hitcher etc…) The great thing is that no matter how badly someone screws up a remake, you always have the original to fall back on.

    With renewed focus on our beloved sub genre maybe we’ll get some other lost flicks stirred back into the mix, take Grindhouse for example, it tanked pretty good theatrically, but in it’s wake there has been an seemingly endless array of schlock finding its way to DVD for the first time. So you never know.

    Wow, kinda long winded. Sorry.

  6. As someone who has basically hated every remake to come down the pike, I have to say . . . mmmm, not hating it.
    It looks like they gave a shit aboot the original, but also gave it the 3-D love for fans of the original, to see something new. The elements of the poster art remind me of the old Harry, so not hating on it. Plus, the thing that makes me want to see it most . . . ATKINS.

  7. Love the poster, dreading the movie. I hope it’s at least fun and have likable characters like the original.

  8. It’s in 3D, so my boyfriend is definitely going to want to see this. When I told him about it he was all jazzed. I’m going to reserve any opinions because remakes can be good or bad, depending. I’m hoping for VERY good for this one. The original deserves it.

  9. Ah, maybe I was a bit too hard in my last comment. That is a great looking poster. My distaste in remakes in general is only part of my mood. I think it has more to do with how the original has been treated by Paramount. Will I see the remake? Probably. I am curious to see how it turns out.

  10. I’m pretty excited for this. I’m generally against remakes, but there’s a few in the past couple of years that I’ve had a good time with. I’m very interested to see what they’ll do with the 3D element, and from everything I’ve read they respect the source material and genre enough to make things interesting. Time will tell, but I’ve got high hopes going in.

    Possibly the first remake I’ve actually been looking forward to.

  11. My love of originals goes to eleven, but Hollywood’s love of remakes goes to seventeen. I’d boycott but I have a wife and daughter to take care of. So the only way to go is A-Game balls to the wall. I am very proud to have played a small part in the making of MBV.

  12. @ Todd Farmer

    In front of the camera or behind?

    That sounded really dirty didn’t it…..?

  13. Hey Todd, definitely sure you did a great job and the best you could on something you felt passionate about. I am just so attached to the original and think it should be rereleased and seen and appreciated for what it was and what it still is. I will most likely check out your remake when it comes out on dvd, but i cant wait for new original films like Midnight Meat Train and other new fresh horror films. I have had my share of really terrible and unneeded remakes: Halloween, When A Stranger Calls, Hills Have Eyes and Amityville Horror.
    My god, is nothing sacred? yaknow?
    but again, my congrats on the film, hope it does well for you and i will probably check it out on dvd.

  14. The poster looks pretty good. I hate 90% of the remakes (yes I have watched them to know most are bad) though a very, very, very few are decent. I do not understand the 3D part of it – that makes it sound desperate. If the movie has likeable characters (as the original did) and believability to it (please do not be a “possessed by the ghost of Harry Warden” crap) and if it gives the original a shot at having a release with deleted scenes, trailer, and commentary, then it just may be alright.

  15. I’m excited about this one! I love the poster, love the original, and I like a lot of the people in front of and behind the camera. I’m only hoping for a semi-realistic and fun remake that pays decent homage to the original and still remains scary and suspenseful. The 3-D won’t hurt either!

    Remakes are not always bad. I’m just happy it’s not PG-13, so it at least has a chance at being good, unlike the dreadful Prom Night “re-imagining.”

    For every The Fly, there’s 20 more like The Fog, Prom Night, Pulse, Halloween or Black Christmas.

    A few of the remakes I’ve seen have ranged from amazing to decent. Most do beg the question “What’s the point?” (The Hitcher).

    I’m still sort of excited for Bloody Valentine, cause I really would like to see a real decent slasher in theatres, not this new age Hatchet crap, but a real intense and scary slasher. The filmmakers sure had enough to work with, so there will be no excuse if the film is bad.

  16. It’s good to see some folks coming dig this very cool poster for a very cool project. Coulda been worse, I was just waiting for the obligatory “It looks like a tampon advertisement!” comment.

  17. New films like Hatchet and Hostel are doing something new, like the filmmakers of My Bloody Valentine were doing in the 80’s!
    Hatchet and Hostel are very original and very well made! Why are some bashing these new films yet embracing remakes of films that already exist? this is why we are not getting more new, original films.

  18. Hatchet and Hostel well made? I thought Hatchet was a piece of crap… stupid, stupid characters, badly directed… the only good stuff was the gore. Hatchet was a huge disappointment.

  19. I thought Hostel was pretty good. I liked Hatchet too, but it was more of a comedy than a horror film. Remakes are tough because when you love the original, it’s almost impossible to see what can be changed, or updated, etc,… Plus Michael Bay’s remakes have really tainted the whole thing. I mean, the Friday the 13th remake looks HORRIBLE. It just does.

  20. really? i think friday the 13th’s non-remake looks really cool! (it cannot be a remake so therefor is not one!) i feel it is going to be a retelling of his origins instead of flashback footage like in previous entries, then straight into a new film.
    the only “remake” i have enjoyed is Texas Chainsaw which is nothing like the original, and i like to consider a part 5, since none of the films besides 1 and 2 have much in common in terms of continuity neways.

  21. look very good i feel this movie give the creep ho yes retroslasher rules

  22. I cannot wait, this is like a dream come true for me. Love the poster too, nice and bloody.

  23. That poster actually looks pretty good. It could’ve been worse, but i’m surprised. I’m hoping the movie delivers. I LOVE the original….it’s one of my all-time favorites. Todd seems to be confident in it, so that’s a good sign then.

  24. I too think that director’s today need to realllllly need to go back a pay attention to the originals if they are going to remake their films. To me, if your a director and are going to redo a film that was very successful, then you better watch, listen, and learn from the real masters of horror. A PG-13, what the hell is that (kiddey porn?) Do it justice or don’t do it all.

  25. Hey Todd! Don’t let detractors drag ya down dude! I think your stuff is great! I enjoyed the space jaunt for one of my favorite slashers and The Messengers was wicked! I’m looking forward to more cool stuff!

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