My Bloody Valentine: Lost Gore Shots

Will we ever see an uncut edition of My Bloody Valentine?  I doubt it.  My hope is the remake does well enough to generate interest in the original.  If that happens, then we might finally get to see this classic slasher in all its crimson glory.  These few shots give are just a little taste of the gore missing from the current version of MBV. 


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14 Responses to “ My Bloody Valentine: Lost Gore Shots ”

  1. I’m hoping Paramount give in and just release an uncut version to come out with the remake.

  2. Well, you know, I hope the remake brings a new edition of the classic with it.

    But it seems unlikely, given the track record. The Hitcher, Prom Night, April Fools Day? All given crappy remakes, still no proper special edition of the original for any.

  3. -Now this is the type of RetroSlasher post I like and miss from the website.
    yes! i want an uncut My Bloody Valentine so bad, but yaknow paramount are dicks when it comes to releasing the good stuff, especially with Friday the 13th, will we ever get a good uncut boxset??

  4. Didn’t the original Prom Night get a decent re-release? And Friday is getting a new box set, but it may only contain the first 3 films which is just silly.

    People who were involved with MBV were interested in putting out an uncut version. Maybe someone can pull some stings and get in contact with them. Now would be the best time.

  5. Got to love Terror Trap, hunh Thomas?!

  6. I’ve seen those pics before, actually. I’m crossing my fingers that Paramount releases the uncut version alongside the remake, but I don’t think it’s going to happen! :(

  7. I hope so much for a uncut dvd of My bloody valentine , like others i think if the remke make some good box- office, maybe paramount will make a uncut dvd of the original!! I know the director of original movie try to make one but paramount say NO!!! :(

  8. the only two thing i hope the remake gonne a be intence en gory en nasty ok evrybody sing
    I love blood n’ gore
    So put another stab in this slasher, baby
    I love blood n’ gore
    So come an’ take your knife an’ kill with me

  9. I’m really not exaggerating when I say that my belief in a higher power absolutely hinges on an eventual uncut release of MY BLOODY VALENTINE.

  10. I really hate Paramount.

  11. Everyone does. No one seems too eager to try and fight back though. There’s no question that now is the right time. If we can persuade them to release the original uncut, it’ll be with the remake.

  12. Everyone is quick to slam Paramount, but there need to be two things available before putting these extended and uncut editions together:

    1. The Footage – It has to exist in a form that can be cut into the film. It also creates potential issues with the score and dialogue, and you can’t just jam footage back into a film without changing the score and ADR, in most cases.
    2. The Demand – there have to be enough people willing to buy the releases to justify the expense of essentially remastering and recutting the film. The horror audience for such things might not be as big as it appears online.

  13. The footage does exist, and negotiations with Paramount to release an unrated cut have been done before with no luck.

  14. The remakes for The Hitcher, April Fools Day and Prom Night were terrible! I am giving some hope that the remake for one of my favorite slasher films will break the curse and actually be good. As far as the “Special Edition” I would love to see one uncut, commentary, featurettes the whole nine yards. The question is will it happen? I think it all rides on the success of the remake. We will have to wait and see.

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