My Bloody Valentine Special Edition DVD Coming (Updated)

Every slasher fan worth their weight in heart-shaped candy knows exactly who has the legendary uncut scenes for My Bloody Valentine (hint: not a company). Yup. So, pretty hard for Lion’s Gate to bone this up. Mmm hmm. has received early word that Lionsgate is prepping a special edition DVD of George Mihalka’s 1981 slasher film My Bloody Valentine. Artwork is in, but details on the bonus material at this time is slim. We’re told deleted scenes may possibly be included – that’s a far cry from the bare bones release from Paramount a few years back.

The arrival of this special edition, of course, is to coincide with the January 16th bow of My Bloody Valentine 3D, so look for the DVD in stores on January 13th.”

Update (Oct 29th) from Fangoria’s Michael Gingold:

“It’ll include never-before-seen lost footage, which fans can only hope means the additional gore that was trimmed to appease the MPAA back in ’81. There will also be a retrospective featurette on the movie and an Ultimate Slasher interactive guide that covers the history of the subgenre.”

Update: Well what do you know, crying works… the uncut scenes are being edited back in!!

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43 Responses to “ My Bloody Valentine Special Edition DVD Coming (Updated) ”

  1. Well, John Dunning sold the missing footage. He said “They bought it outright”, but he didn’t say who “they” were. I’m really excited. I hope my dreams will come true!

  2. This is fantastic! I want to see the uncut footage so damn bad! 2009 is going to be a great year for horror! ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!

  3. I am so Paramount gun-shy to get really excited aboot this yet.

  4. I really hope this isn’t an internet hoax. Those missing scenes are the holy grail of the slasher genre.

  5. We’ve all said for years in the wake of the remake onslaught that the only viable plus for MBV to be put through the slicker-than-shit wringer of unneeded revamps was if such a potential DVD release as this was created to go arm-in-arm with it.

    But honestly, I’m with the2ndsuitor – the realist in me expects a commentary track, new featurette, new still gallery (which might showcase the snips there), and the usual trailers, recycled tv/radio spots, etc. – but not the deleted footage itself. It’s too good to be true, methinks. I’d settle for deleted scenes of it, yes – but they could blow expectations out of the water by actually remastering the excised bits and putting them back into an all-new transfer to boot.

    But c’mon… it won’t happen. I’d love more than anything to be wrong, though.

  6. Yeah, I hope the uncut footage is on the DVD. I wouldn’t want it inserted back into the movie. That would be akward.

    I would still buy the DVD without it, since I doubt own it yet. But that would make it awesome.

  7. Oh, the DVD art is okay. I would’ve prefered orignal poster art but this is better then the barebones release.

  8. Oh my God! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yeah right…deleted scenes! Now why would Paramount do something awesome like that? They MAY include them in “rough form” as an extra “montage” or something, but no way will they bother to re-insert them. If they were, I’m sure it would be slapped all over the front cover art, not to mention they wouldn’t for F13, so why bother with this?


  10. That would be because Paramount isn’t behind it, Lionsgate is.
    Special features are confirmed as ‘never-before-seen lost footage’. I just hope it’s re-edited into the film.

  11. I was just gonna say that. After I posted yesterday, I saw that Lionsgate is handling it, which is definitely better than Paramount. I am still not holding my breath.
    Once I stop hearing “never before lost footage” & “deleted scenes”, and hear someone say “uncut” or “gore”, I will stop holding my breath.

  12. I’ve written to Lionsgate and asked them to do exactly that. Please do the same! Email LG at

  13. Love the movie, but I won’t get too excited until the box is sitting in my pretty little hand.

  14. I wrote to Lionsgate and received a reply back today:

    “Dear Consumer,

    Thank you for contacting the LIONSGATE customer Service Department.
    From what I’ve been told we were unable to make an uncut version of this movie for the release.
    The Special Edition will include uncut scenes, but it will be separate from the movie itself.
    We are very excited to be able to share with you the Special Edition and hope you enjoy the extra features.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and patronage to LIONSGATE films!

    -Lionsgate Ent”

    So, the footage is definitely on the disc but it’s NOT edited back into the film.

  15. Well then… thanks Lionsgate. Way to piss in my corn flakes.

  16. Keep emailing. They can still change their minds if they think enough people are interested.

  17. This is great news but I am hoping a commentary track is added as well. The deleted scenes will be a real treat to us slasher fans and we are lucky to get them to get them at all so those who were insisting that they remaster the film with the additional footage are reaching awfully high for the stars. I also have yet to buy the bare bones version, I guess I was waiting for the inevitable special release of the original. And alas it will arrive.

  18. I was hoping they’d release the movie itself uncut. But i’ve heard the deleted/extended scenes are going to be in the special features. Still, i’m happy to finally see those scenes!

  19. I still think we should play hard to please. The footage is there. It can’t be too hard for them to edit it back in.

  20. I echo what Zombie Dude said, you have it, why not go the full f’n 9 with it?

  21. I wrote another e-mail:


    Although horror fans are greatful to finally see a special edition of My Bloody Valentine, we have been waiting a very long time to see the uncut scenes the way they were meant to be seen: in the movie. Companies seem to cut corners when they acquire this material and I personally would be thrilled to see it as the director meant it to be viewed, not as extras. Please pass the word on, and if you have time check out and see for yourself how many fans of this film/genre will praise Lionsgate forever if you chose to do the right thing. Thank you.

    Ben Cody

    Milwaukee, WI

    I’ll post the response if I get one

  22. Hell…if THEY don’t do it, I will!


  23. Here’s what I wrote, thanks to Wahlberg & Lizzy for some ideas and contact info:


    I am a horror fan and am not in the practice of writing to DVD companies. However, my fellow horror fans are greatful to finally see a special edition of My Bloody Valentine. We have been waiting a very long time to see the uncut scenes the way they were meant to be seen, inserted into the movie, as they belong. Companies seem to cut corners when they acquire this material and I personally can’t afford to own two copies of the exact same movie. The director hasn’t had the film seen the way he intended for all this time. It doesn’t make sense to not use such materials this way when they are available and there is such fan interest.

    I am not expecting much to change from this letter. I am a horror DVD consumer, but can’t hand over any more cash to own a second copy of a movie I already own. In an election year during an economic crisis, I have to vote with my dollars.

    Thank you.


  24. I hate to be a wet blanket but it is not THAT easy to insert the cut scenes once they have been trimmed from the movie; it can cost some REAL money to do that people. That, matching the music, etc. is a lot of time and effort. Hell, they haven’t done that with ALIEN, a much huger movie than MBV. I know this from when I was editing the first Phantasm together with the extra footage as to what a pain in the ass it is (very cool though as the movie was an extra 20 minutes longer). Yes, I would love for it to happen to MBV but would be happy if it simply had the deleted scenes period. And I do hope for a commentary track. Bloopers would be wonderful too. And let’s face it; if the deleted gore IS included separately, some dedicated fan will set it right by editing it in.

  25. man, i’m gonna keep sending stuff to lionsgate, there are ways to reatach lost scenes to films, keep hoping people, also, thanks for taking my advice, Harry would be proud.

  26. P.S : Retro Horror Remix, Please put the footage back in its place if our voices arent heard, also Anyone who cries that they’re not edited back into the film is NOT a big baby, since Slasher fans dont want to be cheated again like with F13.

  27. Like I said, I’m voting with my dollars. If they think it’s too much work to re-edit footage into a film, synch up the soundtrack, and whatever else it takes, then they shouldn’t be PRODUCING FILMS.

    FYI-They haven’t responded to my e-mail.

  28. What was cut out of Alien? I know two cut exist, theatrical and directors.

    Anyway, made a petition:

    I don’t think it’ll take long to get a lot of signatures. Once their’s enough I’ll send it to Lionsgate. Keep emailing them though, we need to make them crack.

  29. Well, folks. It worked! They ARE incorporating the lost scenes into the movie and not just a special feature. posted the news just a little while ago.

  30. Fuck Yeah!!!!!!!!

    A black president and now an uncut version of My Bloody Valentine. Two things I never thought I’d see in my life time. Ad both are very welcome sights.

    Thank you God!!!!!

  31. Suck it, Trebeck!

  32. I still cant get excited for this. Its just too good to be true.

  33. Fuck damn, that’s good news.
    I’m with the guy way up there who argued that the best of part of remakes of films you like is the possibility that you get a better re-release of the original one. Case in point is this movie, but also Friday the 13th finally getting a special edition due to the remake.
    I was hoping the Escape from New York re-make would go ahead and then they might release a better version of the Escape from LA or something.

  34. Thank you for teachings kids everywhere a valuable lesson: If things don’t go your way, keep complaining till your dreams come true!

  35. A fully uncut “My Bloody Valentine” is pretty much the biggest victory a retro slasher fan could ever ask for.

  36. All we need now is an official announcement.

  37. This is some damn great news. I will definitely be getting this release!

  38. Hell, if this is true I’ll buy TWO!!!

  39. I read on a forum that and uncut release was always the plan and that the news given out be STYD was wrong.

  40. I’m with you Remy. I’ll buy two and give one away to spread the MBV love.

    I’m so happy.

  41. can I poop now?

  42. can you lick my balls? this was made in sydney cape breton! Carl Marotte, Cynthia Dale – oh this is fromage. LLLAAAA LIC MY BALLS!

  43. I signed the petition for the uncut version to be released, but found out there’s no worries after all –
    the special edition dvd is coming with the option to watch the film with OR without deleted scenes, in other words, they’re actually giving us a dvd with a choice, both versions are an option.. how awesome!
    I just hope that all the other extras that are included really live up to the hype..

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