My Bloody Valentine Theatrical Night (Video)

As we say farewell to My Bloody Valentine Week and Valentine’s Day (don’t know about you, but we’re feeling bloated from all the heart-shaped candy), here’s an all-encompassing video short covering Blood Thirsty Thursday‘s theatrical screening of the uncut version that Retro Slashers co-sponsored during the week.

For those curious about Blood Thirsty Thursdays, honcho Kelly Hammond explains: “Blood Thirsty Thursdays is a monthly horror film revival for flicks ranging from the 70s & 80s generally on the second Thursday of the month. It’s a chance for hardcore horror fans, like myself and Bobby Sauceda (co-creator of BTT),  to see these films on the big screen again and to get the younger generation of horror fans the chance to view them the way they were originally intended… in a darkened theater with a crowd of fans.”

The first screenings in the event were Friday the 13th parts 1-3, which lead to many more classic titles: “we have also shown Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Bill “Leatherface 2″ Johnson in attendance, Motel Hell, Creepshow, Silent Night Deadly Night, Black Christmas and An American Werewolf In London.” Alamo Drafthouse was the perfect venue for these screenings, says Hammond: “I had the opportunity to visit the original Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Tx many times as a guest of the owner Tim League, so I was very excited to hear one was coming to San Antonio, TX. i worked for ADH the first year they opened, which was a wonderful experience and now I’m lucky enough to work with Liz Burt, who is the SATx special events director, on special event screenings i come up with. ADH is a movie cinema that screens first run and special event movies, tv shows, etc as well as a full run restaurant and beer/wine bar. the great thing is that you don’t have to leave your seat, servers will bring the goods to you while you’re enjoying the movie!”

My Bloody Valentine is the quintessential story of valentine horror; Hammond agrees: “MBV is one of my all time fave “slasher” flicks from the 1980’s and what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a screening of it on the big screen some 30 years later?!! One of my fave scenes, which is edited back into the uncut version, is when Harold falls from above, his head wrapped with a rope and gets ripped from the body spraying blood into the face of Sarah as it just dangles there” he laughs, “It’s just a really creepy idea of this “person” in a coal miner’s outfit walking around these old empty mine tunnels with a pick axe and nail gun killing off the teens of Valentine Bluffs.”

He also notes bringing Retro Slashers on as a co-sponsor for the screening was a perfect fit, noting he “instantly fell in love with what the site is all about.”

Hammond breaks down Blood Thirsty Thursdays ‘ regular itinerary: “The night begins around 8pm with an interactive game show we like to call “Kill It! to Win It!” the contest varies monthly with event/movie title but we have some awesome sponsors (ie. Rue Morgue and Horror Hound magazine, Fright Rags) that send us give always to be used. we are very happy to have them as our official sponsors. we may do a few trivia questions, costume contests but the best part is to actually give a little history about the film being shown for the night. the movie usually starts about 8:30-40 and ending out the night we do a photo shoot with the winners of the contest or any one that wants to take pictures with the “character(s)” for the night. there’s always an encore screening at about 10:45pm for those late night horror fanatics.” Upcoming screenings include April Fools Day, Slaughter High, From Beyond, The Burning, Sleepaway Camp“, and for the event’s one year anniversary, Hammond finishes, “we are looking to do Prom Night and Carrie.”

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  1. you can find ALOT of pictures from the Blood Thirsty Thursdays’ event screening of MY BLOODY VALENTINE on my facebook profile here:

  2. Wish I could have been there. :-(

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