My Bloody Valentine Uncut Seamless Branching

Hot diggity, you can watch it with integrated deleted scenes, or separately. Can February get here fast enough? BTW, you can see publicity shots from some of the uncut scenes courtesy of Thomas Ellison a time ago.

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11 Responses to “ My Bloody Valentine Uncut Seamless Branching ”

  1. I’ve been waiting twenty-eight years for this. The power of voice must have paid off, I’ve written letter after letter to get this to happen and here it is. Now if we can just get Friday the 13th part 2 in it’s original form.
    I’m sooo happy right now.

  2. Kudos to Lionsgate (or whoever’s releasing this) for using branching and letting us have it both ways. Of course, with this long awaited extra finally available, there is the risk that it can’t live up to 28 years of anticipation!

  3. This is the best thing that ever happend in slasher dvd history. 28 years waiting is over. Would be nice with a audio commantary but:)LOL!! My bloody valentine is without adoubt the best slasher ever made!!!

  4. Best release ever!!!!

  5. Hallelujah Hallelujah HALLELUJAH!!!!!!, There is a god! I repent for not being a believer! I can’t believe this is finally going to happen!!!! I have chills going up and down my neck!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!My life is seriously now complete! All the rest is just gravy!!!!!:)

  6. Has anybody ever confirmed that “Deleted Scenes” means uncut gore? Isn’t it possible that Lionsgate is referring to additional sequences of dialogue or action?

  7. I bet you are just a barrel of laughs at parties, RickMoe.

  8. RickMoe,

    Both exist, so there is reason to believe that it is both. Especially since they highlight the fact that you can “watch the deleted scenes separately, or as part of the film!”. But still not 100%.

  9. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I was thinking the same thing. There’s 9 minutes of unseen footage including actual deleted scenes and additional gore shots. There is a HUGE possibility they would just throw in the scenes and NOT the gore. It would be alot easier for them. I refuse to get excited until I see it in person.

  11. Look at the top left picture next to the words in the ad. That’s the uncut pictures released by Ellison.

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