Neve Campbell Says 'No' to Scream 4


For those who remember Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Wes Craven has obviously been toying with the idea of a Scream 4 for many years. Now with writer Kevin Williamson back on the case after the awful script that Ehren Kruger produced for the last sequel, it seems that the movie is in the early stages of development.

But the latest news is that franchise final girl Neve Campbell is not interested! I can’t say I’m surprised after the way in which she sleepwalked through Scream 3, but now it seems the news is official. “Trying to figure out a Sid-less scenario. She won’t do it. This sucks,” says Williamson.

Perhaps it is time to move on. Sidney has completed her journey and the last moments of the third film saw her finally at peace. A new killer, a new final girl? After all, every other franchise has managed to replace their heroines, so why not Scream?

More recently, with regards to the script itself, Williamson added, “Working on S4. Have completely spooked myself. Think there’s a killer in every closet. Never sleep now. Ugh.”


Source: Kevin Williamson, Fangoria

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7 Responses to “ Neve Campbell Says 'No' to Scream 4 ”

  1. I reckon Kev should just keep writing the story he wants to write. Ol’ Nevey could always change her mind, or they could recast with a more well known actress to take the edge off.

    And that last shot, wowza! We totally need some smut galleries posted here at Retro Slashers.

  2. That is a shame but good news on a possible Scream 4. The last one was pretty bad so I agree with you about her not wanting to revisit the character. One wonder’s though what is she doing as of now? Not much of anything that I know of which is a shame as she is a talented actress and is quite easy on the eyes!!!!!

  3. I think her saying “No” was a good idea. As many have said, her chapter has closed. Let her be. Since they’re rebooting this, they need to start fresh. I’ve always been a fan of the series, so I’ll support the next installments as well.

  4. Do you guys all honestly like this series?

  5. i love scream!! but the first one was the best of them all, honestely becuase of billy loomis(skeet ulrich). but if neve doesnt want to be in the film sont make her! she might change her mind. but it will seen weird not seeing her in the movie!

  6. I don’t know. Usually when a major change to a movie franchise happens, the series sucks after. Like the original Halloween movies. The best ones were 1, 2 and 6.

  7. WHo cares about Scream 4 check her out. She’s smokin hot…..

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