NEVER SLEEP AGAIN – A Nightmare on Elm Street Gallery

With the inevitable remake heading into production, Retro Slashers looks back on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise with a series of retrospective articles entitled Never Sleep Again.
For all those who can’t get enough of Freddy, here’s a selection of juicy images from his twenty-five year legacy!

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2 Responses to “ NEVER SLEEP AGAIN – A Nightmare on Elm Street Gallery ”

  1. I think it’s interesting looking at these images in that, around the eighth row, you can see exactly where the franchise changed from creepy and effective to camp and dumb. The last twenty minutes of The Dream Warriors saw the series moving more towards elaborate effects, pop culture references and light-hearted humour. Sad really, as the first three form an interesting trilogy, but part four onwards seemed to take the character into ridiculous territories.

  2. I agree.

    Have you guys read the 30th Anniversary Fango yet? Craven has an interesting *term* he uses in describing the new Platinum Dunes filmmakers.

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