New Director for Hack/Slash

It seems like Todd Lincoln seems that Todd Lincoln may no longer be the one directing the long-anticipated adaptation of Hack/Slash. Having been attached to the project since the rights were first purchased by Rogue Pictures a few years back, Lincoln was set to bring Tim Seeley’s slasher comic to the big screen, with flavour of the month Megan Fox lined to play the sexy lead.

But now it seems that Lincoln has been replaced with Fredrik Bond, whose background in music videos and shorts has led to an involvement in the upcoming remake of the Korean monster classic Gwoemul (The Host).

How this will change the project is uncertain, as Lincoln claimed that his adaptation would be a faithful hard R movie. In a recent interview with Retro Slashers, Seeley stated that, “The film WILL happen. Rogue has put a lot of work and money into it. When? I don’t know exactly. You’d probably have to ask Rogue.”

Watch this space…


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5 Responses to “ New Director for Hack/Slash ”

  1. Yes, I’m watching that space. Heh.

  2. Well, you said you wanted to see a picture from the Suicide Girls set.

  3. The suicide girls were at the last Horror convention I went to and I have to say they were cute to skanky and just about all of them were covered with tattoos and piercings. I prefer hot chicks that don’t look like they live on the back of a Harley. But hey, that’s just me:)

  4. No I agree, I don’t mind a little sleaze but I’ve always preferred girls who are cute and genuinely attractive as opposed to pure smut. The Suicide Girls are nice for a little titillation but I wouldn’t consider any of them my dream woman. But, sex and horror seem to get on well so I can see why the makers of Wizard of Gore decided to cast some of them as their victims.

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