New H2: HALLOWEEN 2 image


Director Rob Zombie has furnished the official Halloween site with yet another image of Tyler Mane as Michael Myers in his forthcoming H2. Whilst it is hardly packed with action, this is the best shot so far of the series antagonist. Initially reluctant to return for a follow up, Zombie stated; “When I finished Halloween I was so fucking burnt out that the thought of doing another seemed totally insane to me at the time. I was done. But after a year and a half break I started to think that maybe another one wasn’t such a bad idea. I love the characters and felt that I had only just scratched the surface of what could be done with them. The basic story was out of the way and now the series could go anywhere. Seeing the aftermath of Michael’s rampage through the eyes of Laurie and Loomis was very exciting to me. So I came back and now we have a movie. Never say never.”


Source: Official Site

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  1. lord. does not work on my computer.
    and i cant do anything about it
    and it seems no one can i can contacted so many people
    ugh…. nothing. :(

  2. CJ, I left you a reply in the other article you cried about this.

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