New H2: HALLOWEEN 2 Poster


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6 Responses to “ New H2: HALLOWEEN 2 Poster ”

  1. Should we be worried that this is the least scariest looking Myers of them all? :(

  2. rob zombie sucks and so his films he has destroyed halloween as far as im concerned.

  3. lol.

    Horrible art.
    Horrible director.
    and its going to be a horrible movie!

    F-ck you Rob Zombie! your movies f-cking suck!

  4. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Has been returned to zero. HILLS. TEXAS. FRIDAY. NIGHTMARE. HALLOWEEN. STAR TREK. So screw the lameass poster — this is HALLOWEEN X.

    Zombie’s HALLOWEEN IX (yes IX) was decent but easily the worst of the series (III included). If its broken… DON’T FIX IT. Casting a huge guy was stupid — Myers doesn’t need to be huge to be a menacing badass. Casting is everything and Zombie f-ed it up big time.

  5. That’s a -horrible- poster.

  6. ….ugh…good movie(not best, you guys, so stay calm)…degrading poster.
    Rob, if yer reading this, yer “1000 corpses” was fine and all…but seriously…try another approach! God! It ain’t working, man!

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