New H2 (Halloween II) Trailer

h22Rob Zombie’s promotion campaign for H2 (now re-titled Halloween II) continues with a brand new¬† trailer which hit YouTube earlier today. Check it out below and give your thoughts on what you’re expecting from this sequel…

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5 Responses to “ New H2 (Halloween II) Trailer ”

  1. I think the trailer definitely explains some of what’s going on now rather than leaving us with a “Why is Sheri Moon in this again?” I actually want to see this now.

  2. myers can lift up cars now , haha it wouldnt be half bad if rob didnt make him the son of a white trash stripper , with dreadlocks should call this movie hoboween, rob zombie sucks.

  3. I kind of liked it. The scene at some dinner table with those people in the masks looked kind of freaky.

  4. I was a huge fan of RZ’s music & media. He always put a lot of creativity into the look of his show & materials.

    Not a huge fan of his movies, especially his offering to the Halloween universe. Why is it so hard to make a decent Halloween movie? Why is Michael lifting cars? Why did RZ say he wanted to make Michael human & scary again, then fly in the face of all of that?

  5. Definitely excited now

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