New Intruder Uncut Coming To DVD/Blu-Ray In 2011

It won’t be available in supermarkets! Intruder is finally going to receive the justice it deserves, via Synapse. Note: Pictured is an uncut DVD from Denmark, which Synapse will obviously trump in quality and content, but we challenge them to match or better this cover art. Now onto the goodness…

INTRUDER (pictured), first released in 1989, was produced by Lawrence Bender prior to his long association with Quentin Tarantino and features brief appearances by Sam and Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell. “We have uncovered the the original film materials,” May tells Fango, “and are in the process of scanning the uncut version in 2K HD. It’s early, for sure, but we plan on some exciting extras to be produced by Michael Felsher’s Red Shirt Pictures. This one deserves a place on every gore fan’s shelf and to be remastered properly, and is a nice companion to our upcoming release of THOU SHALL NOT KILL…EXCEPT release [also made by the Raimi camp]. We’re planning a Blu-ray and DVD release for 2011.”

Source: Fangoria

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8 Responses to “ New Intruder Uncut Coming To DVD/Blu-Ray In 2011 ”

  1. Awesome News Thanks Synapse Films , INTRUDER Is The Best Slasher Of The Late 80’s. THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD “UNCUT” Is Also Being Released By Synapse Films In 2011.
    All We Need Know Is The 1983 Slasher CURTAINS To Get A Proper Dvd Release.

  2. Despite owning the bare-bones Full Moon version already, this is the most excited DVD-Blu news I’ve heard in a while!!!! This movie deserves the Synapse treatment!

    It nails what it is like to work in a grocery then throws in blood & gore. I love it! Here’s hoping for a bunch of extras. Great news!

  3. About time. The older dvd release is terrible and full frame and smells like pennies

  4. awesome!! i love this film. its top 3 for me, its a perfect example of why i love slasher films. cant wait i will be buying this, i already have the wizard uncut release, i wonder what the difference will be.

  5. Dorm That Dripped Blood uncut and now Intruder? You kick ass Synapse!

    That Danish cover IS awesome but it makes the movie look more like a “torture-porn” type of film.

  6. I agree with Jamie! Curtains definately needs a proper DVD release!!!

  7. putting aside the re-release of our beloved underrated classic, you got to admit “Thou Shall Not Kill…Except” sounds awesome!

  8. Really digging the artwork up there. If they can top that with the latest release, I’d really be impressed!

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