New Sister Site:


Check out our new “sister” website for coverage of the now-retro SCREAM series –

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7 Responses to “ New Sister Site: ”

  1. Scream, retro??? Methinks not.

  2. Hi lord-infernus, if 1996 is not old, can you erase 14 years off my face please?

  3. 1996 one year before 1997. This must have been the height of the Scream era. Things were different then. Phones were marginally bigger and had less battery time. The Internet was slower back then too.

  4. Until I see people wearing their jeans backwards again, I choose not to wax nostalgiac about the 90’s!

  5. I enjoyed the Scream movies so I’ll be posting over there.

  6. I can’t seem to get this link to work, either by clicking or copying it into the browser… Anyone else having problems?

  7. There was a space in the address – fixed!

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