New Sorority Row One Sheet – Am I Missing Something?

Big news today is that the final one sheet for the upcoming Sorority Row flick has been unleashed, but it hardly seems like a revelation. In fact, it pretty much looks like the one that was released ages ago, except that some of the girls are looking in a slightly different direction and the credits are included at the bottom!

Check it out for yourself – the top image is the brand new one sheet, and the one below was the poster first released back in March.

Sorority Row poster

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8 Responses to “ New Sorority Row One Sheet – Am I Missing Something? ”

  1. At the girls are hot though!

  2. There’s also a new tagline and the tire iron weapon is included in the logo.

  3. looks like a great new slasher

  4. A guy can dream for a new better poster, right? :(

  5. Nice to see somebody working on their Photoshop skills. Sharpen, cropping, brighten and beautify. That’s what it’s all about, right?

  6. Are they supposed to look dead or just really sleepy? LOL

  7. lol, Tony. I think this is a lame poster. Gone are the days of artwork and eye-catching pictures. Will they ever learn?

  8. Does anyone hav ethe script? I would be so grateful if you can please forward it. Thanks

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