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I’ll admit it up front: Retro Slashers has been out of shape for quite a while. But it wasn’t always that way – sit down, listen to the story. We came out with a well-received revamp of the website in late 2006 which was built around a news/updates/comments system on the front page. It was going well until spammers started attacking en-masse, making hundreds of posts per day and circumventing the best security possible for the system I had. I had to kill commenting. From then on, with no feedback coming through for what was working and what wasn’t, updates became stagnant. Spammers started signing up to the forum and my Retro Slashers time was being diverted to try and keep them out. Updates to the site became non-existent. I recently created a fun new design, but was again sidetracked from it by the forum: The past few months alone, 30-40 legitimate fans have been unable to be verified for forum registrations because they were getting lost in the enormous amount of spam signups per day. It didn’t seem fair to anyone. The forum provider had zero solutions other than to upgrade to their crapola replacement service, and there was no way I was going to start a new forum. I’m really not the biggest fan of forum formats anyway. So bye bye, baggage. Now that I have some free time back and my excitement levels aren’t being sapped, it’s time to refocus. Time to fill the void with all things good. Hence, I’ve created this blog where new stuff will be posted. Hopefully it will help evoke the garish heydey of slashers on video, but if it’s killing your eyeballs do let me know. You’re free to use the comments system as an open unrestricted way to discuss our shared nostalgia.

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8 Responses to “ New Status Quo ”

  1. Hey, it would be awesome to see a review from a movie called “Out of the Dark” from I believe 1988. It was Divine’s last movie I think..

  2. this site has kinda went way down hil and it makes me sad i hate the new set up and i dont get it at all, this was my fav site and i miss it

  3. Brad, I think I have that Out of the Dark movie. It’s directed by Paul Bartel, right? I just got it used at some video store clearing out their vhs tapes…

  4. I don’t know who directed it. I actually haven’t seen it yet. But I do remember it came on many many years ago on the WB one night and the advertisement for the movie had a killer wearing a clown mask stalking either strippers or phone sex-hotline women. I didn’t get to watch it that night though, and it hasn’t come on since. I was just curious if it was any good because info for this movie is pretty scarce.

  5. Brad, it’s not directed by Paul Bartel, but I do have a copy of it. I’m going to pull it out and watch it. Of course, who knows when I’ll get the time. I looked it up on IMDb and it sounds pretty good… Will let you know!

  6. I have always wanted to see this based on the cover alone. It’s kind of hard to find.

  7. I just stumbled across it at a mom & pop store getting rid of their vhs. I got lucky.

  8. Why not review the late Ted Gershuny’s 1974 christmas slasher Silent Night, Bloody Night

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