New Stepfather 2 DVD From Synapse


Fangoria’s ace writer Michael Gingold spoke to Don May Jr. of Synapse Films:

“We’re releasing STEPFATHER 2 on September 29 to tie in with the remake of the original scheduled for October,” May tells us, “so we’re putting that one on the fast track. We’re big fans of the movie, and we jumped at the chance to get it. We will be porting over all the supplements from the previous disc,” released by Miramax in 2003, and since discontinued; these bonuses include an audio commentary by director Jeff Burr and producer Darin Scott. “There will also be additional extas, including a featurette from Red Shirt Pictures containing interviews with the cast and crew, deleted scenes and the trailer. We’re looking into doing a new transfer, and checking on the materials now.”

Source: Fangoria

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6 Responses to “ New Stepfather 2 DVD From Synapse ”

  1. This is fantastic! I’ve always been a fan of the Stepfather trilogy. Never had any of them on DVD. Will be picking this one up for sure! Daddy’s home!!

  2. Hey, I forgot the dude out of Lost was the Stepfather. It’s all coming back to me now.

  3. good call Christian. Wait a minute… isn’t part 1 unavailable on DVD? Shouldn’t we get that one first or did I miss the release somewhere along the line?

  4. why not a trilogy box set?

  5. Part 1 is available on DVD but it was a barebones release, as was the second, both by the same company. But CJ has a point, why not a trilogy boxset? Although I guess it all depends on whether or not the copyright is owned by the same studio or producer for all three. Someone call Anchor Bay and tell them to get on the case…

  6. Thanks Nice And All But What About The Classic Original

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