New Stepfather Dylan Walsh Speaks

dylanwalshAs we’ve said before, strictly opinion here, but THE STEPFATHER (whether speaking original or remake) has a rather predictable storyline, so seeing as how the old one was held together by Terry O’Quinn’s amazing portrayal of a suburban psycho, our only real interest in the redux is how Dylan Walsh handles the character. Here’s his take:

“He’s stiff, and I imagine he’s had these different families, and he’s tried different things… There’s a repertoire of tricks, and they hadn’t worked before, and he’s trying to make this one work. That’s what his flaw is: He’s caught up in this old-fashioned way. He’s well-meaning. It’s just that he wants to control every facet of it. He’s got this 1950s thing. He demands to be the head of the family, and what he says rules.”

For more from Walsh and cast members’ opinions on him and his character, hit up Sci-Fi Wire.

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  1. This film has been suspiciously quiet. Either it’s going to be a trainwreck or it will come from out of nowhere and blow us all away. I pray for the latter!

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