New Year’s Evil Redux!


Simply because I haven’t watched another New Year’s Eve themed slasher (at least one I can remember seeing…), here’s some linkage to the awesome New Year’s Evil review I wrote a few years ago.


Have a safe and awesome new year!

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7 Responses to “ New Year’s Evil Redux! ”

  1. I love this movie, and although there are some plot holes, it’s an enjoyable holiday slasher!

  2. I Agree Awesome Slasher Maybe A Dvd Release Soon

  3. if you are going to watch one movie tonight, this is the one to watch!

  4. Yes good slasher. There is also the weird slasher “Bloody New Year”. Happy New Year everyone.

  5. im glad i got a dvd-r of this i saw it when it came out , classic slasher film that needs an official release.

  6. luckily I recorded a widescreen showing of this from the Scream channel, which is now “Dusk”, and they play crappy movies now.

  7. Never liked this film, along with the uber-boring Night School, they both are about as fun as watching paint dry!

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