New York’s Finest Slashers Posterized

William Lustig’s Maniac has been getting a lot of renewed appreciation lately, centered on the seminal 1980 NY slasher’s new theatrical run – if the recent Stephen Romano poster wasn’t cool enough (it was!), here’s another by Ken Taylor for Mondo Tees in support of the Alamo Drafthouse’s recent showing. Not only that, but it was screened back-to-back with Lustig’s slasher-action hybrid Maniac Cop 2 (1990), and we’re also showing off the custom poster artwork for that by Jason Edmiston here.

Maniac continues to run on the big screen well into May. Is there a showing near you? Find out here: Maniac Theatrical Playdates

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2 Responses to “ New York’s Finest Slashers Posterized ”

  1. That Maniac poster is beautiful,

  2. are there any more?

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