Nightmare On Elm St Unofficial Teaser Trailer

fakefreddyWhile we wait for some decent (nay, any) images or juicy info to pour in from production on A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (2010), let me direct you to this video below, an unofficial FX concept pitch trailer by one Christopher Johnson.

It was first posted mid-March, a little late in the game to make any difference, which is a shame because the Freddy Krueger in this video? As scary as I’ve ever seen the fedora-hatted villain any time since Wes Craven’s original.

Freddy being perpetually on fire is an inspired touch. I was just thinking today how ridiculous it was that powerful Freddy would keep himself in burnt-mode unless it was some sort of torture-like double-edge-sword of having said power.

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2 Responses to “ Nightmare On Elm St Unofficial Teaser Trailer ”

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of keeping in contact with Christopher Johnson and some of the crew that worked on this. I tried my hardest to spread the word on the concept trailer but as we all know, the torch was passed to Samuel Bayer and Jackie Earl Haley.

    The whole purpose of the trailer was to send it to PD as a demo in hopes that Johnson would be able to direct his vision. After Samuel Bayer jumped on board, Chris’s sights were set on playing Freddy.

    In the end, they sent me some cool autographed pictures. Such a shame he didn’t get to do this.

  2. Do you guys still have a forum? I can not find it.

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