Not Quite Slashers

Sometimes I’ve duped myself into thinking I’ve discovered a lost slasher, such was the situation with Cardiac Arrest (1980). With a poster like that, how can you go wrong? I suspect deep down I knew it was just a case of Film Ventures International playing up a thriller to the slasher craze, so it wasn’t a disappointment when I chased down a copy of Murray Mintz’s cheese-o-rama. It’s about San Franciscans being mysteriously murdered and excavated as part of a black market organ scheme. A film kept interesting by heavy police procedural (my favorite!) to offset the dopey antics.

On the other end of the spectrum there are times I know damn well a flick ain’t a slasher, but sorely wish it were. Case in point, Rolling Thunder (1977), a Paul Schrader-scripted revenge pic (think Walking Tall by way of The Exterminator). Never seen it. But that poster image of a Vietnam vet and his wicked hook hand coming down in the same way the pumpkin/knife on the poster to Halloween later would – well, let’s just say a very different movie plays in my head.

In both cases though, there are cinematically primal links to the slasher film. Whether it be the serial killer aftermath of the former or the revenge rampage journey of the latter, their poster arts aren’t completely irrelevant after all.

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5 Responses to “ Not Quite Slashers ”

  1. Two of my favorite “not quite slashers” are 10 To Midnight & Cobra. Both of those flicks fall more into the realms of action and police thriller, but at the same time feature really strong killers with serious slasher tendencies.

    10 To Midnight has awesome scenes with the naked serial killer in action. Cobra is a cheese lovers delight, but features a sick sequence where “the slasher” stalks after Bridgette Nielson in a hospital.

    Dusk (or anyone reading this), are you a fan of either of those?

  2. I’ll answer, just because I love Cobra SO much! It’s one of my all time faves. My favorite scene is when the cult is chasing Brigitte and Stallone and he puts his car in reverse and starts shooting at them while he’s driving backwards. One of the cult members says “He’s crazy!” And I’m all “You’re in a cult, and HE’S crazy?!?”

    Great movie!

    Like I said in another post, I haven’t seen 10 to Midnight, but plan on watching it soon. I’m all inspired!

  3. Hey Brain Hammer, I do dig Cobra! I always felt it was set up as sort of a super slasher flick then veers into total action territory.

  4. Nice! I wasn’t sure if I was the only one who liked that movie. I have to say again I how much I love the part where the killer dresses up like an orderly and goes looking for Bridgette. Really tense scene.

    10 To Midnight is another personal favorite of mine. It was directed by J. Lee Thompson who also directed Happy Birthday To Me. The killer, Warren Stacey, is the prototype Patrick Bateman. A good looking creep who uses his knife for a penis. Brutal thriller with slasher overtones and an 80’s classic.

  5. I know this thread is very old but it needs to be said, The Todd Killings is one of the best serial killer films ever made. Todd himself is truly repulsive.
    The Raggedy Man always looked like it was going to be a slasher, but was a pretty good drama.

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