Now Showing: The Last House On The Left (2009)


The second LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT movie (third, if you rightly count THE VIRGIN SPRING as the first) is now in theaters across the ol’ USA. Worldwide release dates vary (I sure won’t be getting here it down under in anytime soon).

So I turn the tables over to you guys, who I fully expect to report back here once you’ve seen it. I want to hear from everyone – those that thought it rocked, and especially those guys who thought it ruined their childhood (funny, I thought HALLOWEEN did that – did they have several childhoods, each ruined by a new redux?).

But I’m hoping rock – having Sean & Wes vouch for it as producers is, as some would say, a good sign. But you tell me. I’ll take your words for it!

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3 Responses to “ Now Showing: The Last House On The Left (2009) ”

  1. I’m checking around Vancouver to find out where this is showing, but I can’t seem to find it. I will look a bit deeper and see if we can catch it this weekend!

    Looks great! Thanks for the trailer

  2. i have not seen a god remake since the thing, boycot remakes and they will stop, horror fans are killing horror.

  3. I agree with Scarlet, even though I went to see it (granted, I went to a free screening out of curiosity). It was alright. Nothing great and pretty lackluster compared to the original. This version is more of a thriller and less of a horror film. I thought the male actors were good, the females were not and all in all it was an OK timewaster without a lot of merit. And instantly forgettable. But I doubt anyone will hate it, so that’s something, right? :)

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