Official Halloween 2 Poster

Moments ago, director Rob Zombie posted the official one sheet for H2 (which has now been re-named Halloween 2 by the look of it). Check it out below…


Source: Rob Zombie

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12 Responses to “ Official Halloween 2 Poster ”

  1. I miss the days where horror psoters were creative… this is one of the most bland and boring things I have ever seen. I mean, it’s a good shot and whatnot, but all it really is is a pic of Michael. Big fucking whoop. At least it’s not just a mugshot of him and a buncha teenagers

  2. I see your point, Eshbaal, the eighties produced some classic posters (Goremet Zombie Chef From Hell was always a favourite of mine!), but let’s be honest, Halloween have always been a bit crap when it comes to posters. It’s usually just a shot of his mask, unless it’s H20/Resurrection, in which we get the lame Scream-style group photo.

  3. Why does Michael look like Hunch-back of notre dame?

  4. I know, Chris – but I would still like to see some more creativity – especially with a series that rarely ahd any concerning the posters.

  5. While it’s better than the other poster pics released for H2, they also took the pic of him stabbing someone behind the counter of the hospital and pasted it on here. Lacking in the creativity department I see…

  6. Anything that rob zombie does with halloween stinks especially H2 the poster should of been myers looking thru a dumpster holding a bud and a playboy..cause zombie we all know has turned him into whit trash.

  7. Looks like a flyer for a heavy metal friday night basement gig… just the way the lack of lighting on Michael makes him look cut and pasted into the rainstorm.

  8. Oh god, this’ll be another trainwreck and I’ll be the dumbass paying money to see it in the theater. WHY DOES SHERI MOON HAVE TO BE IN ALL HIS DAMN MOVIES?? SHE KILLED HERSELF IN THE FIRST ONE!!!

  9. I was a little harsh in my above comment – nothing against Sheri Moon, even though she is a little annoying as Baby Firefly (well, maybe A LOT annoying). Maybe it’ll be better than the first, I don’t know… I did realize at the time I posted it that Sheri Moon is returning as a hallucination/ghost, though. Just think it’s a little hokey for a HALLOWEEN movie, makes it seem like his mother is telling him to kill people (Norman Bates, Jason Voorhees) when he was just a fucked up individual to begin with… I don’t think they should try to over-explain Michael Myers – that’s something that’s always set him aside from the other slasher villains. I suppose as long as they don’t try to say he’s belonged to a cult the entire time, I’ll be happy. *wink, wink*

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