Viva VHS: Satan’s Blade (1984)

Satan’s Blade starts off with a bang, literally.  A couple of bad girls rob a bank, kill the tellers after a little sexual humiliation, and run to a cabin in the hills.  Ruth (Meg Greene) double crosses her partner but only after she’s talked the poor girl into taking off her clothes.  When Ruth tries to […]

Giallo Month: My Dear Killer (1972)

Italians would use the term “giallo” to describe any mystery or thriller story, particularly those tales in the tradition of Agatha Christie, whose novels were originally published in the yellow-backed format that gave the genre its name. In fact, it’s only amongst us film fans that “giallo” has come to refer exclusively to the particular brand of […]

Giallo Month: Eyeball (1975)

Giallo Month: Eyeball (1975)

Through the month of August you’re going to be reading about Giallo (plural Gialli) here at Retro Slashers. For those unfamiliar with the genre, Giallo is the European cousin to, and a major influence on, our beloved North American Slasher flick. The word Giallo means yellow in Italian, and is a reference to the nickname […]

Slasher-Hybrids & Urban Legends: Aids Mary

The Legend: A traveling business man meets a beautiful blond in a night club and invites her to his room for an evening of carnal delights. When the man awakes the next morning he discovers his overnight companion has vanished but left a message, “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Aids”, written in lipstick on the […]

Slasher-Hybrid Month: 10 To Midnight (1983)

With their potential high return on low investment, slasher movies became the must-make sub-genre on every studio’s production slate in the early 80’s. It was only a matter of time before studios began hedging their bets, injecting slasher tropes into other film styles. In 1983, The Canon Group released its slasher-infused 10 to Midnight, a Charles […]

June is Slasher-Hybrid Month at Retro Slashers!

Not to be confused with quasi-slashers, which are movies with vague slasher elements (in which case, I’m pretty sure every single horror movie and serial killer thriller would be valid), slasher-hybrids are films that specifically combine the slasher film with an outside genre but can exist in both worlds on their own merits. One example […]