Please Kill Mr. Kinski

So, I woke this morning and instead of doing the eons of chores I have ahead of me, I sat down and decided that I must know all about Klaus Kinski today. I’m not sure how I got to this epiphany, but here I am. I stumbled across this pretty amusing short film by the director of Crawlspace, David Schomeller. It’s about how the crew wanted Mr. Kinski dead. So much so, that an Italian producer on the film was actually going to kill Kinski for the insurance money.

I really enjoyed Crawlspace. It’s odd but engaging and Kinski is at his best when he gets to be creepy. Well, he’s always creepy, but you know what I mean… genuinely creepy!

Here’s a link to the clip since embedding images is waaaay past my HTML prowess. Enjoy!

Please Kill Mr. Kinski

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10 Responses to “ Please Kill Mr. Kinski ”

  1. Ha! Then you definately must see Werner Herzog’s documentery about his relationship with Kinski called

  2. The doc is called My Best Fiend. Here a youtube link:

  3. Love Crawlspace! great film. A lil slow in places, but overall, very creepy and very entertaining.
    -just a bit of info for Amanda and whoever else is interested, One of my favorite films ever, The Gate (1987) is playing at New Beverly in LA on Aug 23rd at midnight!

  4. I saw Please Kill Mr. Kinski & found it very amusing. Also, like Saint, I can’t endorse My Best Friend enough. My film teacher showed it to us & that is what pulled me into Herzog/Kinski.
    Still haven’t seen Crawlspace, though.

  5. Suitor, you’ve GOT to see Crawlspace. It’s odd…

    I have been wanting to see My Best Fiend for some time now, so I’ll move it up on the list. I also want to see Herzog’s new movie about the Antarctic (sp?), but that’s not a horror movie.

  6. Crawlspace is an odd duck of a film. Kinski is fantastic in it. I had not heard this story before although it doesn’t surprise me that someone wanted to kill him. Some interviews I have seen and read about him claim at times he was nearly impossible to work with. One of the most memorable moments from My Best Friend involves the infamous story of how during Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Herzog pulled a gun on Kinski to force him to continue a scene.
    Crawlspace has some creepy moments and is worth watching.

  7. Klaus Kinski, what can I say. Fellow Pollack, with an absolutely creepy assexual look to him. Plus the stories I’ve heard about his off-set activities during films… brr.

  8. I actually have his autobiography Kinski Uncut, but haven’t read it. I need to pull it out (no pun intended!). I remember glancing at it and seeing something to the effect of french kissing his daughter Natasha. Yikes!

  9. Kinski Uncut is the greatest autobiography ever written. Not for those easily offended or squeamish.

  10. And everything he wrote in it is fake.

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