Portable Grindhouse!


Well, it’s about damned time.
I’ve been waiting for a book like this my whole life.

Coming soon (it’s available for pre-order, but a release date hasn’t been set in stone) from Fantagraphics is Portable Grindhouse: The Lost Art of he VHS Box Vol.1, a lavishly illustrated tome dedicated to seedy VHS box art from the early years of the video boom. While not slasher themed per se, anyone who’s had a look at the Video Gallery section of the Retro Slashers main site knows the kind of treasures that surely await within the pages of a book like this. With nearly a hundred examples of box art (complete with commentary), you just know some knife-wielders lurk within. After all, slasher fare of the day had some of the best box art around (I’m looking in your direction, House by the Cemetery).

Want a little Mom N’ Pop on the go? Now you got it, slasher fan!

Could George Eastman be lurking moistly within the…Portable Grindhouse?!

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7 Responses to “ Portable Grindhouse! ”

  1. Fuckin’ A! I love theatrical artwork as well as the next man (or woman, or tran) but VIDEO art is a well not plunged into yet, until now. It shall be mine. Oh yes, it shall be mine.

  2. For one that enjoys looking at the old VHS tapes just for the odd yet intriguing visual perspectives. Alot of times, the cover boxes end up better than the films they convey as grizzly :). Maybe I’ll ask for it as a birthday gift if available.

  3. Great idea. The Critical Condition website (www.critcononline.com) has a great section with various 80s company VHS cover art. Really great stuff

  4. I NEED this book! However, I’m afraid I’ll tear all of the pages out and plaster them all over my walls…

  5. yeah. i pre-ordered this from the bookstore i work at last year. the release date keeps getting pushed.
    im ok with that, so long as it lives up to what i am hoping for.

    hail vhs.

  6. I just ran cross this at Amazon by complete accident. So awesome. This is a subject that has never been given this kind of mass attention, and I feel like it’s only the beginning for an art that is overdue for some serious kudos.

  7. Hell yeah. I’m all over this book. One of the great thrills when it comes to VHS is the artwork on the covers. Such was the joy of going into video stores and seeing all of those covers like long awaited friend.

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