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Hey kids, it’s SCREAM! You know, the poster-boy/scapegoat for the resurgence of the slasher flick in the late 90’s! And prepare for a whole new wave of internet bitching with the long in-development SCREAM 4 finally gaining momentum to move into production.

If you needed proof that everything old in Hollywood is becoming new again, look no further than Scream. The mid-’90s franchise that sent-up slightly older horror flicks is being remade into a whole new set of movies, starting this fall. Writer-director Kevin Williamson has been working on a trilogy that will bring back many of the characters from the original movies.

And EW has learned exclusively that Williamson has approached Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette to return. Deals have yet to be signed, however, as all involved try to hammer out potential scheduling conflicts that could arise now that Courteney Cox Arquette’s pilot Cougar Town was picked up by ABC. (Agents for the actors have yet to return EW’s request for comment.) No word on whether Neve Campbell’s character, among others, will make the cut.

Curious phrasing of “remade”, what I’m guessing (based on closely following this project for several years) is that it’s more a “reboot” in the sense that it can be watched as a stand-alone starter film. But if it contains old characters, it simply cannot be a remake. Heck, it might even end up titled simply SCREAM but be a veiled sequel in the way that FRIDAY THE 13th (2009) was. Because that’s the latest Hollywood trend to title 4th films as slight variations of the original entry’s title – check, this year’s FAST & FURIOUS and THE FINAL DESTINATION, both 4th entries.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. As long as Kevin Williamson is writing a script he feels inspired with and not simply due to studio pressure then we should be in for a treat. But Scream 3 felt tired and worn out, basically the kind of film which Scream would have mocked. Maybe taking a break will make everything feel fresh again as the first two movies were classics!

  2. I feel more encouraged by a ‘Scream’ sequel that any sequel to a remake.

  3. I agree!

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