Retro Jukebox: House On Sorority Row


HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW – Track #1 – Main Title – Richard Band

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9 Responses to “ Retro Jukebox: House On Sorority Row ”

  1. Some of Richard’s score’s are pretty effective, particularly the one for Re-animator. I know it lifts somwewhat from Psycho but it’s camp, creepy and memorable.

  2. This is a great feature to the site!!! House On Sorority Row was one of the first horror movie soundtracks I ever bought, and I had never seen the movie before! Also on the disc is the musical score to The Alchemist. Never saw that movie before, either.

  3. I love this soundtrack. Absolutely amazing.

    And I agree, what a great addition to the site!

  4. Oh wow, this is great. I would love to see a soundtrack feature on this site. Music is one of the most memorable aspects of these movies. Great idea. House On Sorority Row is fantastic.

  5. I have some horror movie soundtracks that I’d be willing to share if this is going to be a regular thing!!! I can upload the files and send them to John or whoever is in charge.

  6. Hi guys. Due to copyright reasons (and common sense) we do not post full soundtracks. It is reasonable to post one track per album/film and if people like it maybe a second track later on.

  7. Funny — I recognize the music probably because I saw the movie a few months back…It is memorable.

    Good score!

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  9. one of my all time favorite slasher! and Richard Band really gave it all in this one!

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