Retro Jukebox: Thanksgiving


THANKSGIVING – Theme – John Harrison

Part of the charm to Eli Roth’s THANKSGIVING (faux trailer, perhaps a full movie soon) is the score, actually a combo of little bits and pieces from here and there. The prime themes implemented come from John Harrison’s score for CREEPSHOW (1982). What I’ve done here, is taken the cues from the relevant tracks (“Father’s Day”* and “Something To Tide You Over”) and spliced them together into one slam-bam THANKSGIVING track. Enjoy.

*Incidently, the part from “Father’s Day” used for the trailer creeps the crap outta me – it’s from the scene when the zombie father’s hand (I want my cake!) rises from the grave. No matter how many times I see that flick, my mind never lets me pinpoint the moment that moment will happen. Credit George Romero for letting the camera linger on Aunt Bedelia as she sits by the grave… and linger… then bam.

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8 Responses to “ Retro Jukebox: Thanksgiving ”

  1. Haha…awesome music! Cool post john!


  2. !nhoj tsop looC !cisum emosewa…ahaH

  3. Gotta love ’80s synth horror music!

  4. awsome :)

  5. Great track. I’d like to take this moment to state that spammers blow goats…especially spammers selling shoes. They all fellate livestock.

  6. C’mon Spam somewhere else!!

  7. Roth is really planning this, man. He already envisioned it as a “slay-a-thon” kind of film. i can’t wait!


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