Retro Slashers Battle of the Bands: Terror on Tour vs Rocktober Blood

Retro Slashers Bar & Grill is proud to present the first slasher battle of the bands.  It’s The Clowns vs Headmistress this Saturday night to see who is the baddest slasher metal band on the planet.  Prepare for a night of slammin’, jammin’, and rammin’ to the hit songs “I’m Back”, “Killer on the Loose”, “Rainbow Eyes”, and many more.  Tickets are just $10 in advance, $15 at the door.  Doors open at 8 but the party is guaranteed to last til dawn, if we live that long.  There is a two drink minimum but ladies drinks are half-price.    Both bands have been slaying audiences (and the occasional groupie) all across the country.   Don’t miss seeing them together for the first time on one stage.*

*Management is not responsible if members of the audience are beheaded, disemboweled, strangled, electrocuted, or in any other way mutilated by members of the band.  We’re also not responsible if members of the audience are splattered by arterial spray so don’t send us you’re dry cleaning bills.

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5 Responses to “ Retro Slashers Battle of the Bands: Terror on Tour vs Rocktober Blood ”

  1. Seriously, can we get a DVD of Terror On Tour already? I love it. The Media VHS is very dark and I’m sure that a new transfer from even a worn theatrical print would look amazing in comparison. Code Red would be ideal for releasing this much-maligned, but ultimately entertaining grindhouse classic to a new audience.

    I’ve never seen Rocktober Blood but always wanted to. I’m sure it’s good because heavy metal + slasher = awesome sub-genre.

  2. I love Terror on Tour! It’s very underrated, and I mean sure, there are plenty of off scenes. But it’s standard slasher fair with spunk and punk. One of those under the radar ones that need to be recognized more.

    Rocktober Blood…eh…it has its moments and the opening two kills were great! But it was very boring and not at all satisfying. General consensus is that they’re both about even playing field, but I’d watch Terror on Tour over Rocktober Blood any day of the week.

  3. I want to see TERROR ON TOUR. I watched ROCKTOBER BLOOD like a month and the movie is so memorable that barely remember it hahaha. I do recall the beginning then it got boring and the ending was stupid.


    I think it also has that overused very 80’s twist involving a twin hahaha.

  4. TERROR ON TOUR worldwide is owned by MGM. It’s never come out on dvd.

  5. The Soup Nazi is the killer in Terror On Tour!

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