Retro Slashers Interview: Scorpion Releasing

With the recent news of Scorpion Releasing’s slasher titles on tap for DVD – Humongous, House on Sorority Row, Final Exam, The Carpenter, The Incubus and American Nightmares as well as other genre titles – Retro Slashers conducted a brief q&a with company president Walter Olsen (yes, brother of Bill Olsen who runs Code Red – unearthing horror must run in the family).

Retro Slashers: Can you say if any release dates are already set, or what order the discs will come out in?

Scorpion: Final Exam and Devil Within Her are set for September, with October being Humongous, Nothing But The Night, and perhaps one more (one we haven’t announced yet), and House on Sorority Row and Carpenter will kick start November.

Retro Slashers: House on Sorority Row was most recently released in 2009 – with this being the third edition, what similarities or differences will it have?

Scorpion: Sorority is now a brand new HD master from the original InterNegative, and will be a progressive scan encode, unlike the previous Liberation DVD edition. We already have 3 new on-camera interviews (actress Harley Jane Kozak, composer Richard Band. and producer Igor Kantor), and are trying to do more, plus all previous extras from the earlier editions are being carried over. We also have about three TV spots that I believe the other DVD editions did not have.

Retro Slashers: Any chance of getting Michael Ironside for a commentary track or interview for American Nightmare? Ditto Wings Hauser for The Carpenter?

Scorpion: I tried to get Wings Hauser, but never heard back from him nor his representative, and same with Ironside. But as they say, never say never. American Nightmare will feature an audio commentary with Producer Paul Lynch moderated by Katarina.

Retro Slashers: Will Final Exam be a reissue of the BCI’s version?

Scorpion: Not really. Ours is a new master in HD from the original negatives, and we also have a new audio commentary with the producer Myron Meisel that is moderated by Katarina and it is quite informative. And, of course, all previous extras will be there as well.

Retro Slashers: Humongous‘ video release was very dark, and many have speculated if that was the photography or the video transfer. Can you settle that for us?

Scorpion: Little bit of both, as the director wanted it to be a bit dark, but not as dark as the video. That was just a bad video job.

Retro Slashers: What sort of extras do you hope to assemble for The Incubus?

Scorpion: We cant say what for now, but we are arranging some on-camera interviews as we speak.

Retro Slashers: Lastly, how much will your horror hostess Katarina be a part of these releases?

Scorpion: She does a small skit in character, an intro before the film, and after the film ends, she does an epilogue. She does not interrupt these films in any way, and if you want to skip her segments altogether, you can, by clicking the play film option on the menu. And unlike some other horror hostesses, Katarina also moderates all the new audio commentaries. It was a delight to see someone who has made a name for herself in WWE and TNA want to speak with these filmmakers and ask them questions.

Scorpion Releasing can be found on the internet at

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4 Responses to “ Retro Slashers Interview: Scorpion Releasing ”

  1. sweet interview, i cant wait for these

  2. It’s almost too good to believe that a “gimmick” release (horror host) will be including higher resolution transfers, porting previous special features, and including new special features?! I mean COME ON!

    Is a leprechaun gonna come by and kick me in the nuts?

  3. Humongous on DVD in a proper print fronted by a female wrestling star. It’s sort of moving.
    Say what you will about Scream 4, but that series do open the vaults.

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