Retro Slashers Invites You To My Bloody Valentine Uncut Theatrical Screening At Alamo Drafthouse

Retro Slashers is teaming up with Blood Thirsty Thursdays for a theatrical screening night of George Mihalka’s 1981 Canadian ode to pick-axes, My Bloody Valentine (Review). Best of all, the print is UNRATED & UNCUT! Venue will be Alam0 Westlakes, San Antonio TX at both 8pm and 10.30pm on Thursday, Feb 10th. Tickets will be available at the Drafthouse website. Check out the flyer…

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39 Responses to “ Retro Slashers Invites You To My Bloody Valentine Uncut Theatrical Screening At Alamo Drafthouse ”

  1. I wish i lived in TX but alas i dont, sounds fun though. Love this film the Uncut version is amazing

  2. I love the movie and I live in Texas but it’s not enough to get me to drive 4 & half hours to see it on the big screen. Very cool but sucks at the same time. oh well……. I pretty sure it will be the blu ray version on the big screen and not a 35mm print. When I saw Friday the 13th(1980) at the Movie Tavern here in Houston a couple of months ago it was the blu ray version. It was cool because the original was the only one I had never seen on the big screen but it sucked becasue it was not a 35mm print.

  3. Who’s to say it will be the Blu Ray? I’ve seen loads of ’80s movies with the original print. Part of the charm is that the footage has spent the last thirty years travelling from one dingy theatre to another, slowly worn down over time. Love watching all the vintage trailers beforehand as well. Should be a good event!

  4. Great job trying to tank the screening myersjason78, I’m aware digital projection is still frowned upon by cinema purists but I could care less what the man in the projector booth is doing as long as it screens and looks and sounds good. If it were a choice between 35mm cut version and digital uncut version, what do you think the layman would pick? I don’t know if it’s 35mm or digital. But it’s the movie. And it’s uncut.

  5. howdy all! my name is Kelly Warren the host and organizer of Blood Thirsty Thursdays @ the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Westlakes in San Antonio,Tx. yes, the MBV screening will be shown via Blu Ray since it is the only way to view the film with the originally edited out scenes. with that said, my concept for BTT was to bring back the horror gems i grew up watching in the cinema from the early 70s through to the late 1980s to give the new younger generation of horror fans the chance to see them on the big screen as opposed to viewing them in the their living room via a TV set. as well as the chance for us older fans to see them once again the way they should be. i attempt to obtain 35mm prints for ALL my titles i choose for this monthly event, but there are times when thats just not possible (ie. an unrated/uncut version of MBV as opposed to the theatrical version). in the past i have a been lucky enough to obtain 35mm prints of EVIL DEAD (remastered), EVIL DEAD II, ARMY OF DARKNESS, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2, MOTEL HELL and CREEPSHOW. i had to use the DVD format for my double feature of SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT and BLACK CHRISTMAS because i was looking for, yet again, the UNcut/UNrated versions in print form and they just weren’t available. i just recently showed AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON which i could have had used a 35mm print, but damn was the Blu Ray version beautifully remastered! so i went that direction. LOL coming up in March i will be screening a remastered 35mm print of MANIAC to get things back on track the way i had intended…35mm prints!
    hope this answers your questions and undertand the reasoning why i have to choose between the two different formats from time to time.
    also, i John will be interviewing me soon for this stie, so keep your eyes open for that AND my ideas for up-coming titles for the months of April through August, which will be BTT’s one year anniversary so ya know i got something REALLY special planned.

    thanks for the support and HAIL HORROR!

  6. I don’t live close enough to go to this, but I have been to the Alamo Drafthouse and I LOVE it. We saw a regular running film (Burn After Reading), but they had a pretty good schedule of events. I wish I could have made it to one of the horror screenings.

    I think anyone who goes will have a great time, not only because MBV is so incredible, but it’s also a fantastic venue!

  7. Great post Kelly,can’t wait to see it on the big screen.Having it in 35 mm is great,but what really makes a movie is seeing it with tons of like-minded fans!

  8. @christian….. I told you so! :) I think you might have taken what i was saying about blu ray and 35mm the wrong way. I would love to see a old 35mm print of a film then a blu ray on a big screen. When I saw Friday at the movie tavern here in Houston, I was happy to see the original on the big screen but I was disapointed at the same time because I felt like it was kind of a rip off it being blu ray. For what they were charging to see the film, I could have just bought the film and watched it at home. (I already own Friday on blu ray, I was just using it as an example.) Maybe I would have been alot cooler if there would have been more then four people in the theatre(including myself). I really thought there would have been quite a few people there with the fan base for these films. I was hoping to experience what I experience when the original Halloween and the original A nightmare of elm st. played a couple of years ago. The thearte was packed for those two films. Of course Halloween was a dvd but Nightmare was an original print. Also, I know that a uncut print of these classic films might be hard to come across, if a uncut print even exist. What I’m getting at here is I think that watching a blu ray in a theatre is not that great. I could watch them at home on my 60″ TV and save my money. I will say this though, the original Friday probably never looked as good in it original release then it does now. especially now……

  9. To be honest why make such a big deal out of it? Just be thankful the uncut version is finally available and that the Alamo are taking the time to screen it. If I was attending I wouldn’t care if it was a 35mm print or straight from a DVD, as long as I could watch it.

  10. you have to take into consideration that whether the movie is shown on DVD/Blu Ray or a 35mm print we still have to pay the rights to show the movie. not to mention, when getting a 35mm print we have to pay the shipping cost to receive it and then send it back. i’m not sure what Houston charged for their ticket price, but a normal ticket price is $9 these days. we charge $10 because we consider this a special event, so that extra $1 is well worth it. plus, the ticket price covers the cost of the rights to show the film.
    if any of you ever make it out to a Blood Thirsty Thursdays event you’ll see why the $10 ticket price is well worth it. we do give aways for various contests (ie. trivia, costume contests, etc) and purchasing these give aways come right out of my own pocket. i do sell limited edition posters for the night’s event/movie for $5 (which has become a bit of a collector’s thing for our returning regulars) to help myself make back some of the money i spent on the give aways. Rue Morgue and Horror Hound magazines are two of our sponsors for BTT, so on occasion they send us few copies of their current/past issues.
    that’s sad to hear only 4 people showed up for the Friday the 13th screening. =( we showed the first 3 and it SOLD OUT! as for our normal attendance, it can range from 60 to just over 100! people here in San Antonio LOVE the idea of getting to see old school horror on the big screen, whether it’s DVD/Blu Ray or 35mm print. i think it’s the simple fact what their getting to see these films they way they were meant to be seen…on a big screen in a cinema with like minded horror fanatics.
    if you go to my Blood Thirsty Thursdays group on Facebook you can see a lot of pictures that were taken at BTT. always so much fun to be had!!!

  11. hrm, for some reason i haven’t uploaded the pics from the SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT and BLACK CHRISTMAS double feature at BTT. here’s link from my personal FB profile page:

  12. OH! and i will be dressing up as Harry Warden for the MBV screening. i’ll have pictures uploaded to both the BTT Facebook group and my personal profile page, so make sure to check them out!

  13. Just big thanks for keeping the horror genre alive. Haven’t had the chance to see the orignal let alone the uncut. Can’t wait and always enjoy drafthouse.

  14. I love horror movies, and to be honest I’ve always had a hard time finding people who loved them the way I did. BTT is a place where people like me get together and share something we love. @johnnydrivein- you’re exactly right! watching it with like minded people is what makes it fun!
    And most of the movies Kelly shows are ones I haven’t seen (I was born in ’84), or watched at home. I’ve always thought the ‘friday the 13th’ series was fine, but seeing it on the big screen completly changed my opinion.
    And i got to take a picture with an ax-wielding santa for the screening of ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’! Seriously- funnest event ever!!

  15. Bloodthirsty Thursdays are the highlight of my month! Not only are the movies always awesome, the crowd makes it ten times more fun. Nothing beats watching the best horror flicks ever made with other horror fans. I can’t wait to see My Bloody Valentine with the crazy BTT crowd.

  16. Blood thirsty Thursdays is the best!! Nothing like seeing all the best retro slasher films on the big screen. I’d rather pay the money to catch and old school gore movie that I’ve probably seen over and over again than pay for a ticket to some of the new crap that’s out there today. Can’t wait to check out “MANIAC” on the ol’ big screen, that shot-gun scene is gonna be killer : )

  17. The Blood Thirsty Thursdays are always great. Regardless of the format they are shown in.I think just being able to share these cinema gems with my girlfriend (whose ten yrs younger) they way we got to see them is worth it. Its always a good ol’slasher flick and a great time.

  18. Im fortunate enough to live only a mile or two away from the drafthouse and almost always attend Blood Thirsty Thursdays. Im glad someone had the balls to show some of horrors greatest classics in the original 35mm prints. It just goes to show how committed fans of this genre are. BTT will never die as long as the fans want GORE!!

  19. Ok…I get it. I was just going off my experience and how I felt about it. @Christain…’re right. I’m glad that we are finally getting uncut versions of these classics. I WISH THEY WOULD SHOW THESE FILMS HERE IN HOUSTON LIKE THEY DO EVERYWHERE ELSE!! @Kelly…who do I have to talk to for the ALAMO here in Houston to do Bloody Thirsty Thursdays? If we could get something going on down here, I would be all for it. Kelly, Is there any thing you could do to get guys here in Houston to start something like that?
    Anyway, I want to tell you guys something that I thought was pretty cool. I started back to college last year after a 10 year absent, and I took a Histroy and Development of the Motion Picture class. For the horror film, we watched Psycho. In this class, I was the only person who had ever seen Psycho. This class consisted of mostly late teens and early 20’s student who were taking it because it was a Humanites Honor credit and could careless about films. I was taking it because I love film and because I wanted to be the oldest person in the class.(sarcasm) :) So when we watched Psycho, the class was terrified. When the big reveal happen, several people let out a scream. It was awesome! They never saw it coming, even though Hitchcock is flashing clues giving it away. I had never experienced Psycho like that before. To see it with people that had never seen it before is a very rare experience. It’s a amazing how a 50 year old fim can still have the same effect on people that it had in it first release. I thought I would share that with you guys….

  20. I’m also going to add seeing the characters in real life(portrayed by either Kelly or his friends)makes you a part of the movie experience.It’s worth more than the $10 admission price!

  21. One more thing….
    At the college, they have so many any different clubs(anima, gaming,ect) and I was thinking off maybe trying to get a horror or a monster club going. Showing old horror films (especially slasher films) and having discussion about the films. What do you guys think? Should I try to get this up and going?

  22. Let me know when a weekend show is going to be, since I live in Austin and work early. I hear they are fun! ;)

  23. I absolutely love Blood Thirsy Thursdays @ The Drafthouse! I look forward to this evnt every month. I take my daughter with me most times so she can experience these classics classics on the big screen. It’s mother/daughter bonding time for us. Thanks for bringing horror to SA Kelly!

  24. I have gone to almost all of the screenings in San Antonio and can tell you its an awesome time each screening.

    I am lucky enough to live in San Antonio and am thrilled Kelly has been able to get the Drafthouse to show these uncut horror classics.

  25. i have gone to most of all the btt in san antonio,its truly awesome ive always wanted to see these movies in the big screen and now every month i have a chance. When it comes to horror movies and slasher films i love and worship it up

    I recommend everyone to attend these events,Kelly is a great host and promises a night of fun and gore

  26. @myersJason78 to be perfectly honest with you, i am not an employee of the ADH. i was when the very first location opened but had to quit. there are THREE locations (2 opened w/in the same year!) in SATx now, which i give huge props to the owners and all those involved having such a successful business! i hope to one day get back into working with our location here as a full-time employee *keeps fingers crossed* i am going to to school right now to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and will be graduating in Feb. 2012. WISH ME LUCK!

    back to the original point of this post. since i am technically not an ADH employee i have stayed in close contact with my friend Liz (who started as a server with me when the first one opened) and she is now the main marketing/event coordinator for all 3 SATx locations. i approached her with the idea of BTT in July of 2010 after a test run of the EVIL DEAD Trilogy screen, and in Aug. BTT was born (in blood???) with a triple feature of the first Friday the 13th films in the series. so basically, what i am saying is that i am an outside event promoter/organizer and because of my past working relationship with ADH, Liz and the owners i was given the opportunity to do BTT. as for getting one started in Houston, i would not know how or who you’d need to talk to, sorry. you would not be able to use the event title Blood Thirsty Thursdays since it is a created event title (and idea) i came up with and have copyrighted. the ADH Ritz in Austin runs a night entitled TERROR TUESDAYS run by two really cool guys named Henri and Zach but they DO work for the ADH Ritz. my best advice is to approach the GM & the event coordinator at your Houston location to propose your idea. GOOD LUCK!

    as for geting a group together on a monthly basis to discuss the horor genre is a GREAT idea! i had thought about doing that here in SATx as well, but i have such a busy schedule. =( maybe one of the wonderful peeps that posted comments on here would be willing to start one up? HINT! HINT!

    again, thanks for all the positive comments and remarks from our BTT “Ghoul Kid” regulars!!! you Guy & Gals are truly “the” best and your support and help promoting BTT is always greatly appreciated!!!
    see you all @ MVB and come take a pic w/ me….er, “Harry Warden”!!! LOL <3

  27. Blood Thirsty Thursdays! If I’m not workin, I’m there! And when my friends bitch that Westlakes is too far of a drive, I need only remind them that its the ONLY place in town that shows old horror flicks! and prizes and posters! I am a sucker for free stuffs! see ya’ll at the Bloody Valentine show!

  28. I have mutiple blood thirsty thursday and they are great. Not just the movies but the people i have met are really great. For this month I am not able to attend due to work but i am looking forward to Maniac in March. Thank you again Kelly for putting this together its what this horror fan has been waiting for.

  29. I am proud to say that i am a Blood Thirsty Thursday Original! Haven’t missed one yet and DO NOT plan on starting anytime soon. What Kelly is doing for the horror community is what this horror fiend has always wanted. A BIG THANK YOU is in store for Kelly for bringing Old Horror to San Antonio. Thank You Kelly and keep them coming.

  30. I attended the Blood Thirsty Thursday event earlier this month for An American Werewolf in London and had a stellar time. There really is no comparison to being able to watch classic horror movies on the big screen, not to mention having an awesome host like Kelly who really knows his shit when it comes to the horror movie genre. You can truly see the passion he has for classic horror films. I missed a lot of the BTT events last year and regrettably so, however I plan on making every one this year because they just rock so much. If you live in San Antonio and enjoy horror movies, especially the classics from the 70s and 80s, you really need to check out BTT at the Alamo Drafthouse Weslakes.

  31. Attending Blood Thirsty Thursdays for several months. It is AMAZING to be able to go out to a theater and experience a classic horror film on the big screen, especially with an audience full of horror hungry fans! Having evens like these at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Westlakes is a huge plus! The Drafthouse provides exceptional food and drink to add to the ultimate horror movie experience. Guests are welcomed by the Kelly Hammond, and the BTT team, and get the chance to participate in trivia, games, activities, or have their photo taken with a character guest. I give BTT 5 screams (that’s 5 stars for you non-horror fans..) <3

  32. I’ve been to a bunch of the BTT events since Kelly started holding them, and have had a blast every time. Seeing these movies on the big screen is awesome. Kelly, Bobby and everyone else who makes this possible, keep up the great work!

  33. Thanks to Kelly for putting this together! Glad the San Antonio Drafthouse group is really starting to do more special events, and this is definitely one of the BEST ones they have going! ROCK ON KELLY!!!!

    Now if only they would bring back Substance Abuse Sundays!

  34. I wish I could go but I work on Thursday nights! I will quench by blood thirst in other ways! Keep up the great themes ADH!

  35. i’ll be there!!! it’s an awesome movie love blood thirty thursdays!!!

  36. There are not enough horror events in San Antonio, and with a HUGE horror fan base in this city, BloodThirsty Thursdays provides a much needed outlet for the scene. With all the BEST classic horror films, along with great food and beer after beer, this is trully the most enjoyable experience for lovers of horror living in S.A. Pluss getting a bunch of enthusiastic horror fans all into one theatre always makes for a fun evening. I also perticularly love that there are 2 showings each time, i work but am usually able to make it to at least one, but its so much fun I will STAY FOR BOTH if i ever get a chance

  37. I am so jealous with the American culture when it comes to things like this.
    I love slashers and have done so for the past 30 years and likewise many of my friends and we are suckers for anything that bleeds (lol)
    Crazy collectors too in this litle beachy town on coastal Australia.
    Slasher movie posters, daybills, books, figurines, VHS tapes and every old school slasher/horror DVD release we have it.
    Darn!!! I wish I could be there.
    Some pics of the event would be awesome.
    I’ll be drooling. :-(

  38. @Mad Dog Aussie oh, there will be plenty of pics!!!

  39. Mad Dog Aussie,
    you can find pictures from the My Bloody Valentine event screening (along with other BTT events) here on my Facebook profile in the photos section:

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