Halloween 3D is Dead for Now


Back on September 5th I warned Halloween fans not to get their hopes up at the prospect of seeing Halloween 3D in the near future no matter what the Weinsteins’ promised. My suspicions were confirmed tonight when TWC pulled the plug on pre-production for the next entry in the revamped series. The studio was rushing the project into production, looking for the film to be finished by January for a summer 2010 release.

Several rumors are circulating as to why H3D met a sudden demise; the company doesn’t have the financial resources to make the film, director Patrick Lussier had a falling out with the Weinsteins over the price-tag of the final budget, and the new script is so bad it was better to shutdown production rather than carry on. The “official” Hollywood story is Patrick Lussier has other projects in the works and the Weinsteins are just waiting for him to get a little more free time so he can film H3D at a later date.

Here’s a link to the original article on Deadline Hollywood:


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14 Responses to “ Halloween 3D is Dead for Now ”

  1. Rob Zombie killed this franchise, which was already worthless and lame. Let it die already and let’s all move on to just watching the classic films!

  2. So this probably mean we wont see it next year.
    ugh im so mad. i was SO looking forward to this.

  3. Oh well perhaps it’s best. I was not too impressed with the revamp of My Bloody Valentine. The movie was OK, but I did not like the ending or how the story and the killer was changed.

  4. GOOD! This would have been sooooooo stupid. Waste of time, money and effort. TWC needs more original ideas. H2 was GOOD, better than H1, but it DID NOT warrant ANOTHER sequel. Let’s move on…


  5. I found Halloween II to be excellent but I see no reason for another one unless it is by Zombie. Pretty sure that won’t happen. The exploding heads of Zombie hating Halloween hang ons would be to much collateral damage:)

    As for TWC I’m not looking forward to their plans to rehash there back catalog in 3-D.

  6. good, we need to erase everything rob zombie did to ruin the franchise from our minds and make h3d something new a new begining that will hopefully save/redeem rob zombies travesty pile of shit. id rather wait then get a continuation of that crap and get rid of that tyler maine guy he is way to big

  7. hooray

  8. So instead of seeing H3-D next summer, we’ll likely have to wait until summer 2011, when audiences are even hungrier for more Michael, leading to renewed interest and another record breaking box office weekend. This series remains way too much of a cash cow, and people still want to celebrate this holiday in the cinemas with a knife and a body count.

  9. CJ, why would you be looking forward to this, Rob Zombie shitty 2nd movie has scarred me, my future child and grad childen for life, I hope that bastard and his no talent wife never make aa movie again

  10. I am so happy about this. Hopefully these hacks will leave the Halloween series alone now and let it die with dignity – not before time either.

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing somebody else at the helm of a new Halloween movie, not to say that the H1 remake wasn’t bad, I kinda liked it, but nowhere near as good as the original. Haven’t seen part 2 yet so I can’t say anything on that one. Just one request, keep Tyler Maine in it. That’s one big sob, and actually makes Michael Myers scary looking, than a wuss that Jason could destroy without thinking. Just my take, keep Tyler Maine as Michael, but make the next film a little bit more like the original Halloween 4-6 movies.

  12. This is great news!

    When I heard they were going to make ANOTHER halloween film….this time in 3 D I was pissed.
    Agree with me or not, I will always feel that rob took a wonderful classic horror film and ruined it…..period!
    To start off there was no reason to remake it. To me it was like remaking PSYCHO! (Remember that garbage? In color!!? UGH!)
    I truly hated the remake and the sequel. I’m not going to lie eiether. Plain and simple? Nothing can top the orginal to me.
    That film alone is what got me into movies, and almost 32 years later it still delivers! Beautifully shot with a style that only carpenter could come up with, the movie made a huge impact in my life. It also taught me that the most memorable horror films are the one’s that leave a lot up to the imagination (Ex: Black Christmas (1974), Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) , Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark, Dark night Of The Scarecrow, etc)
    I dont mind gore in films but when its “overdone” it just becomes campy and tired. I will forever be a fan of the orginal.
    Rob’s “vision” was a lame attempt at a classic film.
    There should be a rule or something: thou shall not remake classic horror films! :)

  13. Not so fast y’all. Halloween III is currently in development according to IMDB. Not sure if I am surprised by this or not. After the abysmal Halloween II by Rob Zombie, I am skeptical. But he was not asked to return for the third one and I am pleased with that route. It looks like it is still on track for October 2010.

  14. Just some more follow up on this story, Halloween 3-D is in pre-production and casting has begun. It looks like this is going to hit theaters in October. Best part is that Rob Zombie is no way attached to this one. Patrick Lussier is set to helm the picture as he most notably remembered for bring us My Bloody Valentine 3-D. I am hopeful that this story will keep the franchise alive after Zombie’s horrible sequel.

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