Return Of The Birdcane

The official site for SORORITY ROW (2009) recently opened at the well-named – not much there right now but I did catch this clear look of the new birdcane! Although it isn’t as prominent weapon as in the original (who wants a straight repeat anyway, certainly not I), it fills me with warmth inside to see shots like this – look, it’s even got the gold head!

About 10 years ago I made a custom Eric Slater action figure complete with birdcane, until someone “cleaning up” my room accidently broke the gold head off. I gotta glue that shit back on sometime.

But I digress – birdcane = goodness. Keep an eye on Retro Slashers as we’ve tapped SORORITY ROW for Special Coverage – we recently conducted an Exclusive Interview with pretty cast member Margo Harshman.

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  2. i hope they re-release the orginal i wanna see it so bad its so much money

  3. I don’t know why everyone pretends to be excited about these cheap remakes of the slashers we all love dearly. It’s ridiculous. I know it’s all we’re getting right now, but it’s all we’re gonna get if everyone keeps supporting it. Personally, I’d much rather see original films that were inspired by the one’s we love. Not the knock-offs that claim to be remakes. I also think H2 is gonna be a pile of crap. It almost seems like a big joke to everyone involved.

  4. Slasher Fan!
    listen, if you really appreciate slashers, you should be more open to these “re-imaginings”

    First of all, yes, the originals are good, but if we keep sticking to them, we won’t grow and we’re going to do the same thing over and over again. we won’t get a new flavor for our faved genre!

    second, if it wasn’t for these remakes, well, supporting you remake haters out there, we wouldn’t get the newer “classics” such as “Laid to Rest”, The Hills Run Red”, “The Collector” and even “Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet”. These remakes ticked off fans and thus drives them into making good films(like me when they remaked Prom Night into that shit in 2008! or my faved April Fools Day into that ho-raped-of-a-remake!)

    and Third, who are you to say that some “pretends”? are you a mind reader? (what color’s my underwear?) what if there are who appreciate a good re-imagining? like me! I happen to like H2, A LOT!! It’s fresh and different from the original that it’s unique on it’s own way. the problem is, you guys live in a closed box, wallowing in the original and never moving on. These are newer generations and we need new fans to make sure our slashers continue living!

    then again, this is you and I can’t force people to change, just be more sensible to what you’re saying, mate. we’re all friends here.

    (besides, in 2000s teen slashers were a wave, now do you see anymore teen slashers? no, we have torture porn! it’ll pass, mate!)

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