Return To Sleepaway Camp Call To Arms

25 years ago this little film was released and soon after became a major cult classic. The premise was simple; kids go to Camp Arawak, treat each other badly, pick on one kid, Angela, in particular and soon after start being killed in the most creative ways possible. In the end, few are left standing and it turns out that Angela isn’t a prissy little girl after all! The chick has a PENIS! The rest is stuff that slasher flick legends are made of!

Fast forward 25 years and Ronnie (Paul DeAngelo) who was a counselor at Camp Arawak in the original Sleepaway Camp now co-owns Camp Manabe with his partner Frank (Vinnie “Big Pussy” Pastore). Guess what happens? Yes, kids treat each other badly, pick on one kid in particular, Alan, and soon after start being killed in the most creative ways possible!

If you were among the millions of fans that had fun watching the first Sleepaway Camp you will have just as much fun reliving those memories by watching the sequel. We gave fans exactly what they asked for……..”kids acting like kids”, “cheesy overacting”, “whacky special FX”, and yes “gruesome killings”. We also have the great Isaac Hayes playing “The Chef” in Return To Sleepaway Camp, one of his last performances.

Return To Sleepaway Camp is the most fun you can have being scared! A fast 88 minute ride of oddball HORROR fun that AINT IT COOL NEWS called……

“The most remarkable slasher movie I’ve seen in a long time!”

This film was a labor of love . Produced by one of the film’s original stars Tom van Dell. Directed by the original Director Robert Hiltzik and requested by the fans.

Support independent movie makers who put their hearts, soul and money into projects like this by heading out to a DVD retailer near you on November 4th (Target, Best Buy, FYE) and buy a copy, it will be on sale! Give that one away to a friend or family member and stop by a Blockbuster in your hood or Red Box kiosk and RENT one copy. That is the one you watch with a big cheesy plate of nachos and salsa!

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7 Responses to “ Return To Sleepaway Camp Call To Arms ”

  1. I got that in my Netflix queue :P!

  2. The incarnation of this whole movie is fascinating and warrents its OWN film.

    Best of luck to the filmmakers. I know I’ll be seeing it!

  3. This is definately on my buy list.

  4. It’s about time. I can’t wait to see this.

  5. I have pre-ordered this as soon as it was available to be pre-ordered. I have waiting for this film for years and hope it will be worth the wait! It has a lot of hype to live up to as this movie has been delayed time and time again. We will all know soon what horrors await us!

  6. I came across a screener of this flick a few weeks ago. As a fan of the 3 other films, I found them all really entertaining, sadly RETURN doesn’t capture the fun of those films at all… The direction, acting and production all feel truly amateurish. The kills are typically over the top, but you never feel involved with the movie. I fear the filmmakers wanted to only capitalize on the silliness of parts 2 & 3 rather than make a movie that works on it’s own. It’s a shame, fans have waited a long time and have gotten something that just ends up bumming you out in it’s ineptitude.

  7. I agree with “Michael”. I am a HUGE fan of ALL 3 FILMS and was pretty let down by this one as well. I was surprised, because I KNOW so much work went into this and it took YEARS to release. I really WANTED to like it, but just couldn’t. Maybe after a second view it may grow on me, but as it stands, I’d rather re-watch one of the first 3 than this failed attempt to bring it back. The script needs more work in my opinion, and the VERY AMATEUR actors didn’t help that matter either. It really should have turned out WAYYYYYYYY better than THIS when you consider the “love” and “work” that went into this. I mean, what happened?? Good luck with part 6 “The Reunion”, maybe you’ll learn from this one…


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