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Review: Evil Laugh (1988)

Reviewer: Christopher Youngblood


Are you ready for a film so breathtaking it should have been nominated for 6 Oscars? Are you ready for a film that will move you into tears of joy and celebration because of the actor's award winning performances? Are you ready to settle down to a movie that everyone in the family is going to enjoy and whoop with delight at the films end? Well let me know of a movie that does those things because Evil Laugh sure as hell didn't do any of them! But if your ready for a fun campy slasher flick...look no further because Evil Laugh is here! Come on folks, slasher movies (especially one's from the 80's) are meant to be campy!

A young doctor who is considering purchasing a long since abandoned old mansion and asks some of his interns to come and help fix the place up. Looking to open the house as a future orphanage he arrives before the rest of the clan. Our doctor meets a very strange real estate agent who is cleaning up graffiti warning people to "Stay Away" from the house. Upon entering the old house he notices the house is not in bad shape. After receiving a delivery from the local market, the doctor get's a visit from a knife wielding psychopath who relieves the doctor of his heart and put's it in a dish next to his dead body all while uttering an strange "Evil Laugh". As the rest of the interns show up, they soon realize that the very house they are cleaning holds a very dark secret. Soon our masked slasher shows up and begins offing the young interns while cackling his "Evil Laugh".

Say what you will about this movie, but it was damn fun! I love the old slasher movies from the 80's that took themselves seriously. This movie made on a shoestring budget delivered the goods. It was a first time movie for the filmmakers and they put their heart and soul into the picture and it shows! The movie was not shy on violence even though it was pretty high on the cheese factor and sported it's own original music by somebody or another that really cliche's some cheesy 80's music! But the strange thing actually works!

My favorite piece of this movie was the fun it poked at horror movies themselves! Numerous other slashers are mentioned including Friday The 13th and Halloween. You don't get much better than this quote "Thing's like this don't happen in New York, let's just hope a guy in a hockey mask named Jason doesn't show up!" Luckily "Jason" does not show up other than on a cover of Fangoria that one of the lead actors was reading through out the movie. However, no worries as a masked killer does appear and fulfills his slasher duties. The acting in the film was not all that bad and the the movie actually followed a storyline that developed itself as the movie went on. Too many times, we watch movies with no plot and just random violence. Hey, I love horror movie violence as much as the next person but gimme a little story please!

Filmed on a budget of about $100,000.00 the film does not look to bad. The editing was good and the direction was amazingly spot on for a first time director who had no idea what he was doing. I really enjoyed the film as it played out all the way through the identity of the killer who ACTUALLY had a fairly good motive for killing all the intruders that entered into the old mansion. If you like old 80's slasher flicks then this one is worth a look-see. It surely didn't win any awards but it was damn fun to watch!



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