R.I.P. Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery

All Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery stores in the US are going to close.   Massive liquidations sales are due to start soon.  This is really bad news for slasher and horror fans because these stores would carry extreme and uncut titles too controversial for family friendly Blockbuster.  It’s also bad news for slasher and horror film makers because it means fewer outlets for their films.  The one positive is the liquidation sales will be a great chance for slasher fans to add to their collections.  I’m already salivating at the thoughts of plundering the local Hollywood Video.  When I get through their horror section is going to look like a Viking raiding party attacked the place.

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7 Responses to “ R.I.P. Hollywood Video and Movie Gallery ”

  1. I worked at Movie Gallery for years, and scored many a good film from there, it’s definitely the end of an era. In smaller towns like mine, there are now NO more video stores!

  2. this sucks, my neighborhood FYE closed down just recently, and now this? Man, if Blockbuster still sold videos I would not have a problem, but now it seems that the video store is truly extinct.

  3. I worked for Hollywood for years, which were both the best years & worst year of my life. I can’t believe my mourning for mom & pop video stores has to be replaced w/ mourning for Hollywood.

    It was at lot of fun working for a video store, that I wish my son could experience some day. But it looks like it will sadly not be.

  4. I was able to hit up a Hollywood that closed a few months ago for some cheap DVDs (they ended up going to 5 for $20 by the time the end). Now I know of a few more that I can hit up. It’s definitely sad to see this happening since they were such a strong force, but at the same time, while all of these are closing, the mom and pop “King Video” that I go to for my rentals is still going strong. Heck, they even still rent out VHS so I’ve been making a killing watching old slashers.

  5. It is a pity to see a good store go under. On the brightside though here in Norther CA their are Rasputin Records stores around which have rare out of print horror titles on VHS at times for dirt cheap and not to mention a vast new/used dvd collection.

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  7. Hi People

    i wanna purchase a film but its a blu-ray 1….i actually don’t have a blu ray player though….will it still work??

    Many thanks !

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