Rob Zombie Crucifies Marketing Team

hobointhehissouseWow. Rob Zombie has been promoting HALLOWEEN 2 more then making it, seemingly. Can be a good thing, can be a bad thing. But we’ve recently noticed that anytime genre fans don’t like something specific coming out of his camp, he renounces it.

First he posted a New H2 Poster with nary a disclaimer, yet when fans tore it to bits he then decided that it was never the final one. Now, he takes issue with the depiction of Hobo Myers in publicity from his own film. For someone so in-control of releasing material from his film, he sure seems to retroactively talk it down when fans don’t lap it up. Same went down when the first draft script leaked from the original film. Any psychoanalysts out there? What does it all mean?

Shock: Can you talk about Michael Myers’ new look that we’re seeing in the photos and trailer?

Zombie: There is a photo out that I didn’t approve that has Michael standing there with half of the mask off. You never really see it like that. You have these on set photos of him standing there in this brightly lit room. Everyone starts complaining, “I don’t like the way it looks!” Well, it never looks like that. I thought the mask should degenerate as Michael’s state of mind degenerates but it’s never that clearly seen and it’s still pretty mysterious in the actual film.

Source: Shock Till You Drop Interview Rob Zombie

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7 Responses to “ Rob Zombie Crucifies Marketing Team ”

  1. I bet if fans had loved these images he wouldn’t be saying this. Can’t help but feel skeptical about this one.

  2. It is good to have him respond to the fans comments though. Would be nice to have horror films made for the fan as most directors don’t care what they think. Still, I am skeptical about H2 also.

  3. I couldn’t agree more, Christian. This sequel is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. “I thought the mask should degenerate as Michael’s state of mind degenerates.”

    So by this logic, we would be made to think that Michael’s mental state is Depression?

    Just kidding. I haven’t seen the first Zombie Halloween and I don’t plan on watching this one. Not interested.

  5. It is what it is, I have skeptical about this film since viewing the trailer, however it is unfair to judge the picture before we have seen it. I will be in attendance when this one comes out but I am not hoping for much. Slasher films will NEVER be as good as they were in the early 80’s period. However I still happy that they are being made even though they are not quite as good.

  6. God, what he doesn’t get is that it is more than the mask – it’s his whole bullshit view on the world. He’s not making Halloween 2, he’s making House of 1000 corpses 4.

  7. I know I’m not a very big fan of “Halloween” (actually, the Halloween series is second on my list, topping ANOES series, but behind F13th series), but to be honest, these “remakes” are actually some of the better (not best) remakes out there. I mean, sure, Mike’s a hobo (…ugh, my head aches everytime I think about that…), Laurie’s white trash and everyone in Rob’s world is either a Redneck or a Satanist, but…ah who am I kidding! Halloween 6 was more entertaining than this!

    Good Kills and Interesting changes, but it ain’t enough to pull it through. Rob, you need to get out more…pronto!

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