Updated: Robert Englund guest stars on Bones tonight

Robert Englund will make a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of Bones.  “The Death of the Queen Bee” has Booth and Bones investigating a death at a class reunion.  Englund will be a chief suspect (but a red herring I suspect) in the murder.  The commercial I saw featured Englund holding a really big hunting knife and gave off a slight slasher vibe along the lines of Prom Night and Slaughter High.  Bones airs at 8:00 p.m. EST on the Fox network.

Update: I hope slasher fans watched this episode because there were several slasher in-jokes.  Englund played Mr. Buxley, who’s name  is a play on the character Englund played in Eaten Alive.  He even used the same voice.  Mr. Buxley’s workshop contains Cropsy’s shears,  Jason’s machete and just about every other sharp weapon featured in a slasher kill.   There’s one reference to Mr. Buxley being “creepy like Freddy” and a character calls the murders “very teen slasher movie-ish.”  The soap opera elements among the regular cast members dragged on the story a bit but overall this episode was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

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