Robert Englund Prepares for Fear Clinic

He may no longer be Freddy Krueger, but Robert Englund is still a major player in the horror genre. Re-uniting with fellow slasher icon Kane Hodder after their appearances in Wishmaster and Hatchet, the sixty-two year old actor is still at the top of his game.

As previously reported, Englund is to appear in the upcoming web series Fear Clinic, which also co-stars Elm Street‘s dream master Lisa Wilcox and Halloween‘s Danielle Harris.

“I’m just ready to go back and kill teenage girls again,” laughs the former bastard son of a thousand maniacs, who has since been replaced by Jackie Earle Haley. “I want to go out and I really want to sell my book. And I want to sell Fear Clinic. Because I really believe in both of them. I’m happy with both of them.”


Source: FEARnet

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3 Responses to “ Robert Englund Prepares for Fear Clinic ”

  1. Robert’s a classy guy.

  2. What book is Robert talking about?

  3. Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams, his memoirs which will be released on October 13.

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