Robert Englund Talks New Freddy Krueger


Whilst the fans have been less than forgiving, Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, has expressed how he feels about being replaced in the role which made him a genre icon. Jackie Earle Haley, previously seen in the likes of Watchmen, will don the glove and hat and terrorise the kids of Elm Street, including Nancy Thompson (Rooney Mara).

“I’m a fan,” says Englund regarding his successor. “Jackie is not big, and I think that Jackie’s size is gonna really work for him as Freddy Krueger. Because I’ve always in my mindset imagined… One of the metaphors or one of the images I’ve used for Freddy is a little rabid dog that just bites your ankle and holds on. A little yelping dog. And I think Jackie brings that, with his own physicality, to the role, without ever having to work it a little bit. He doesn’t really have to work that. He brings that naturally with who he is, which I think is really part of the way I see it.”

Englund has even expressed how he feels the time has come for Elm Street to be re-invented. “I think of all the recent remakes – whether it was Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday the 13th or Halloween – of all of them, the original Nightmare on Elm Street, as wonderful and as frightening and as original as Wes Craven’s is, I do know – I was there – I do know we almost ran out of money, and it lends itself to the new technology, more so than any of these other remakes, except perhaps King Kong. So I really am looking forward to how they exploit the dreamscape with CGI and all of the new technologies that they have at their fingertips. That is something I think that is appropriate and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

Source: FEARnet

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  1. I’m a pretty positive guy when it comes to slasher movies and their remakes, but it’s pretty sad that they went out and got someone that looked like Robert Englund but was a bigger or more relevant ‘name’. If they were truly interested in presenting a new vision, why not go back to the original concept of getting a big guy to play Freddy? Because then we’d complain like we did with HALLOWEEN’s Tyler Mane. So there is no textbook for pleasing everyone, I guess.

  2. I don’t want CGI. I don’t want to be able to tell the difference between the real world and the dream world. That’s one of the scary things about the original. In the original it’s kinda hard to tell the difference between the two worlds. CGI would make it way too obvious.
    I want the dream world to look like the real world not some CGI set-piece.

  3. I agree with Jay. They pulled it off in 1984 without any CGI. A little here and there would help with the visualization of the story, but too much is overkill. I think that’s the problem with a lot of big budget horror these days. We get lost in the CGI and forget about the story.

  4. I doubt there will be too much CGI considering they have the same budget on this that they spent on the FRIDAY redux. But hey, I couldn’t get through the script so what do I know.

  5. If it’s easier for them to use CGI instead of practical effects they’ll do it coz filmmakers are lazy nowadays. I still love the idea of FX artists baking heads in their wive’s ovens and using basic household products as props with a little decoration. That’s true movie magic, computer graphics seem to lack that element that made me fall in love with film.

  6. You’re right Christian. When I was growing up I’d re-watch Friday 13th over and over to work out the effects where done. That magic is gone thanks to cgi

  7. I agree. It took me years to figure out how an arrow went through Kevin Bacon’s throat, yet he still appeared in Footlosse a few years later. That’s why no matter how much people slag off the eighties I will always have a soft spot for the decade.

  8. i hate cgi esecialy in midnight meatrain and my bloody valentine remake it looks fake and whay would anyone wanna see a diff freddy krueger , at least robert is positive,

  9. CGI has taken the art out of Special Effects. CGI can be done on Imacs these days. Back then, it took a true artist to create some of those effects we fell in love with.

    Rob Bottin comes to mind with his amazing talents on The Thing and Piranha.

  10. I’m a huge Robert Englund fan and I have to say that I really hate the idea of a new Freddy. All the recent re-makes have been cool but they all lack the magic that the originals had and I think the new Nightmare will lack even more magic without Robert.

  11. Whats the big deal with them using dude from WATCHMEN? hes a good actor. and he has what I think was the most phycological and frightnig thing about the nightmare movies, specialy the First film…Hes creepy, small built. looks like he can play a sick child molester/murderer and his face is amazing. imagin the beginning of the film we get to see him as a Mr roggers sorta looking guy..with something not quite trusting about him. a with the CGI thing?? if its not abused it can be Grate! I haveto say this..Freddy Vs Jason was was! I went and saw it but by No strech of the imagination was it frightning at anny point.Matter of fact Me and my friends (WHO ARE NIGHTMARE FANS!! were laughing. we were just intertained and brought (na-sal-ja)loning for the old days. but with this it can go to a dark place..darker than the 80’s. Freddy was a FILTHY CHILD MURDER..borderline rapist! the creepier the better. Think about it. even in Freddy Vs jason I admit ! there were times i felt were realy good set ups!! rember the drunk girl at the party who strayed off then went in the barn then it turned into the Boiler room!? that was true Nightmare On Elm street material to me. and if thay do even those small lighting,,not even so much CGI the movie will be grate! and the strang things freddy dose like that worm in a sequel he turned into a went trough the floor? certen things like that could be CGI. it has so much potental to be so memeriable in THE BEST WAY. OH AND i do like Freddys side cracks…BUT a little gos a long know?

  12. i agree with the no cgi stuff. it makes the movie fake looking….for instance the newest king kong…it was so terrible!! i have been trying to keep up with the new pics, videos and info on the remake. let me tell you i was sooo dissapointed to hear thAT robert englund would not be playing freddy in the new nightmare remake. i grew up watching the nightmare movies. robert played my fave guy ever!! FREDDY.. all i know is robert is freddy the one and olny…theres not much that will change that. but we will see how they do with the movie it will either be a really bad flop or a really big success….depends on the crowd there projecting to the old rock hard fans….or the newbies…makes me wonder…

  13. I also grew up watching robert englund play freddy there my favourite horror movie and i love freddy kruger as a character i had the claw lol but my little brother was shit scared of the first one any of the others he would watch but put the original nightmare on elm on and boom he would cry especially on the part in the ali way with the long arms and the this is god part wich is pretty creepy i just hope tht they go mollow with the cgi and make freddy more dark and scary plus no one could do freddys evil laugh as good as robert

  14. CGI is so late 90’s. Special F/X artists need to make a comeback and come up with a new form of effects. CGI will never look good no matter how “real” they get it, and it often times ruins a film for me. The reason we watch these horror films is for the death scenes…not the wonderful character development. Give me fake blood and rubber, not some pixeled CGI mess. I REALLY hope they don’t go that route with NOES. As for the new Freddy, I don’t see a need for a new actor unless they REALLY plan on dragging out a new franchise. Englund was Freddy just a few years ago in FvJ and he still had it. Robert Englund IS Freddy. Anyone else will look like a cheap imitation. It’s one thing if he wore a mask and didn’t speak, but Freddy’s got a personality. It will be hard to watch someone on screen TRYING to talk/act like “Freddy” that isn’t Robert.


  15. i hope it reeks just as much as the new jason

  16. i think its crazy. what i cant under stand why mess with a go thing. i can only hope to see him in freddy vs jason 2 if there is i would of liked to see robert star in stepfahter

  17. I just watched the new trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Str. I have all the nightmare movies. I’m upset Robert Englund isn’t playing Freddy, I heard the way that other guy talked and maybe they should have brought Robert in to do a voice-over. I’m not saying this new guy isn’t a good actor, but I hate movie’s that don’t stick with originality, from the beginning, even if Robert’s older. And I’d like to leave a comment about CGI. In some movie’s it works. In horror, not so much. The one thing I bring up about this stuff is in fact, one of the old zombie movies, by George Romaro, the zombies biting off arms, and the slimy bloody goop flying everywhere. I’m big on looks. For horror, the slimier, sticky, thick, good color blood. CGI makes everything in that aspect look horrible. You would think things would get better the farther we go along, but it gets worse. If you like gore, they do to much too fast ya know. You need instances that don’t happen often, but the scenes could be amazing if they played it right. I love all the older movies. Newer movies really don’t appeal to me, only to watch it just to watch it.

  18. The movie will be great to see (and scary i’m sure), but without Robert Englund (and HIS voice!) I think i will not ever be as happy with it as i have been with the “non-CGI”-classic horror that i’ve loved for YEARS!! Your fans love you ROBERT!!!

  19. i love freddy i use 2 have posters of him n evry thing
    i would go see it only coz ima fan and b/cit was scary back den da way technology is now of days freddy came out da 80’s thru da 90’s n i was scared back den but still OMG!!!!!! im just mad coz i love da original look n his voive n evry thing my friends think im sick coz im in love wif freddy krueger da way he looks n da way he kills…. but now his voice changed and now hight omg it is not da same just think when u ger use 2 a cartoon character n u like da way they are n den his voice is not da same u dont like it or u just weirdout about it.. idk when dat happen 2 raphael from the ninja turtle back in da day i was mad but i got use to it… still he is not tall robert englund was tall da new guy is short it is like freddy shrunk grrrrrrr! but w.e ima see it im not happy wif it but all i kno he betta play da role right coz freddy is not only a killer he is funny to n dat is wa i loved about him he plays wif his in a crazy sick n lmfao way b4 he kills den so ima fan big time fan dont let me down dont let da FANS!!!!! down

  20. i love freddy i use 2 have posters of him n evry thing
    i would go see it only coz ima fan and b/cit was scary back den da way technology is now of days freddy came out da 80’s thru da 90’s n i was scared back den but still OMG!!!!!! im just mad coz i love da original look n his voive n evry thing my friends think im sick coz im in love wif freddy krueger da way he looks n da way he kills…. but now his voice changed and now hight omg it is not da same just think when u ger use 2 a cartoon character n u like da way they are n den his voice is not da same u dont like it or u just weirdout about it.. idk when dat happen 2 raphael from the ninja turtle back in da day i was mad but i got use to it… still he is not tall robert englund was tall da new guy is short it is like freddy shrunk grrrrrrr! but w.e ima see it im not happy wif it but all i kno he betta play da role right coz freddy is not only a killer he is funny to n dat is wa i loved about him he plays wif his in a crazy sick n lmfao way b4 he kills den so ima fan big time fan dont let me down dont let da FANS!!!!! down

  21. Jerzey….What language are you typing??? Saw the trailer and i think it looks quite good. It can’t be any worse than most of the others entries.

  22. Englund is a class guy, no doubt about it. VERY cool of him to give props to Haley, and “pass the torch” so to speak. Make no mistake, Englund created Krueger as much as Wes Craven did, but I liken this to the days when Christopher Lee took up the mantle of Dracula. While Legosi created that role on film, Lee did an awesome job, that turned out to be just as iconic.

  23. That’s an interesting point.

  24. very interesting point :) im starting to get excited to see this new movie.

  25. Regardless of how they make the new Freddy look or feel so to speak Robert Englund will always and forever be the man “Freddy Krueger…Long live the legend

  26. I am a hardcore Freddy Krueger fan…repeat, Freddy Krueger a.k.a Robert Englund! I can’t even believe they would think of doing it with someone else. I’m not saying the new guy may not be good but for the people who actually watched the original movies in the 80s, like me, it just won’t be the same. His voice is part of what made the movies so scary. I agree with remaking the movie with less puns since the latter films were more funny than scary, but I don’t think switching the icon is a good idea. When I heard the voice in the trailer I was very disappointed :(
    I agree with the fact that the old way to do horror films was the best…I still haven’t seen a truly scary movie done after the 80s…computers help for some things but definitely ruin others (like creativity in using everyday materials to scare us!)

  27. The Elm Street series stopped being effective after the third and just became a joke. I’m not interested at all in watching the remake, but if roles like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman can be played by multiple actors then why not Freddy Krueger? Hell, even Jason and Michael have gone to different actors/stuntmen over the years. This remake will suck, but it won’t be because of which actor is playing the role, it will be because of the lame script and the filmmakers involved.

    And you seriously haven’t seen a truly scary movie done after the 80s? Wow, look outside of Hollywood, there’s loads of them!

  28. Im a massive fan. I am 11 and have seen the very first original nightmare film. the idea of replacing robert is terrible. i cant beilive how much cgi they are using in thr remake. it took me forever to work out how the special effects wee done when i watched the film this summer. and im pretty bright for an 11 year old. i think its terrible that there replacing the original

  29. he’s back again i so sad robert’s not play freddy i grew up watching my play that role which scared me to death every night i used to fight over who was better jason or freddy my choice was freddy i remember 1985 the first time i saw freddy i was like he gonna get me when i sleep robert gave freddy life the new guys cool and i will see it but its not going to same they could have given him that role one last nightmare all nightmare movie to me are awesome a fan of all f vs j 2 is coming he will play it for one last time i know it to be true one two hes coming for you
    long live robert aka the true freddy Krueger theres only one with the voice of freddy and thats robert

  30. the whole idea of making these movies without englund is more or less trying to bring it into the new world, well i LOVE englund and i am VERY upset he will not be in these new movies i see why he was not picked, the people from the 80s will hate the idea but then ew horror movie kids will not know the first freddy like we did back in the day, now thats the up side the down side is that freddy will NOT be freddy, people may have hated the puns etc etc with the movies but thats what made freddy freddy, if you take those out would you really think freddy would be the same? not at all he would just be another run of the mill slasher, the puns and humor is what made freddy what he is today and well they do get a little annoying….ok ALOT they need to be there, the whole CGI thing is also a shame and since we ALL know whos gonna be makin it (bay -_-) there will be LOTS of it and thus the charm of the 80s will die out with freddy remake and the only upside is that maybe wes craven will come and see it and be like ”what the fuck is this?” and remake his own movie the way it SHOULD have been.

  31. Booo..its gonna suck without Robert Englund! Im probably not even gonna watch the new movie. Robert is the only good Freddy Krueger. period.

  32. Yeah. I’m right there with you Bree. I think Robert would be the BEST choice. They would get a million more viewers, if he just did a cameo. Not to say that there is something wrong with Jackie, but Robert brought a sense of comedy to horror movies. You could laugh and be scared at the same time. lol. He had me laughing in Freddy vs. Jason.

  33. Oh yeah… I’d like a little feedback on this project that I’ve been working on. I’ve taken some time to script-write a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason. “I” call it, “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael Myers”. I would love to see three of the largest horror monsters battle it out. What do you think? Although, the most difficult part would be having New Line and Dimension Films reach an agreement with sharing the rights. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

  34. Wes Craven is too busy working on his sequel to VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN, to be titled, VAMPIREZ IN DA HOOD. It’s gonna have some killah CGI fx, yo!

    Seriously though…there should be NO remake of this movie, EVER. Why can’t they just make original horror movies again? Freddy is dead, has been for a long time.

  35. I think it’s unfair to the fans of nightmare on elm street, that they are changing freddy krueger. He now looks so fake. I am a big Robert Englund fan and he played freddy krueger very well. I do not like change. I wish they would make it like the original.

  36. I think Robert should have kept his role… He is thee original!

  37. I love the Nightmare on Elm st movies, but after seeing the new freddy face, which doesn’t look scary at all, I am going to pass. Wish they would’ve kept the original freddy Robert Englund, or at least the mask or make up or voice and the original director. This is just a cheap imitation to try and make money hoping old fans will buy in and new generation will want to know what the whole Freddy thing is about, both will be diappointed.

  38. I think, just as music has gotten so digitized, all the artists that like a certain sound go back to analog, to simplicity. So will the film makers, and in a way that will revere the old style.

  39. i think that the movie would be better if Robert Englund played the part as Freddy he really makes him scary and the preview of the new remake isnt scary at all…..Freddy Kruger is my number one favorite movie and thats because Robert Englund made it scary he should play they role and not be replaced by someone who ruins the movie…….:(

  40. Robert Englund IS Freddy. Im still gona see the movie,but i cant express the amount of dissapointment i felt when i learnt.He wasn’t dawning the Hat and sweater. I mean at least a brief cameo for the long time fans Robert. you the man!

  41. It is a Michael Bay produced movie. So yes they are probably going to overkill it with CGI. I’ll be surprised if a big giant transforming robot doesn’t show up.

  42. thats b.s i wanted to see it so bad until i watched the previews on the computer and saw his face and heard his voice. NOT EVEN SCARY what a waste of time.

  43. I just saw the new Nightmare on Elm Street. I must say, I am not a fan. I think Robert Englund made Freddy awesome. I didn’t like the new “story” either. I liked the original. Taking the humor out of it and making Freddy a child molester was a bad move. Robert, no one can play Freddy like you!! You will be forever Freddy!!! And I am sorry…this new guy looked NOTHING like Robert Englund! I think it might have worked a little better if he did!!!

  44. definitely, Robert Englund is Freddy and Freddy is Robert Englund, I saw the new movie and was not a very good idea….the face and details of his features look absolutely different, am dissapointed because I did not met Freddy in this film, sorry, maybe the attitude and acting but not for his horrible face, I did not like it

  45. I don’t see anything wrong with the use of cgi in new flicks. As long as its not completely driven by them, and in a lot of cases on these films its not the case. The use of “practical” effects is still alive and well in almost every movie you see in one way or another. I also see cgi and old school effects working together in many ways to make the overall film better. This is apparent in the new new nightmare. I’ve seen it and although a lot of the dreamscapes are cgi in reality its nothing more than a backdrop, and those have been used since before cameras.
    But freddy’s face is as burned as ever and that wasn’t cgi. I thought rorshac looked bad ass but englund is still king.

  46. Went to see the new Freddy, and sorry…Jackie doesn’t deliver, doesn’t bring it at all. There isn’t enough malice in the eyes, and his voice doesn’t strike fear. Robert Englund made you believe Freddy was a bad ass and had me screaming and jumping at all the suspensefulo scenes. Jackie was ho-hum at best. The story line was good, as were the special effects. But it just isn’t Freddy…not even close. I think Robert’s analogy of Jackie and a tiny rabid dog pretty much sums it up.

  47. what I really liked about the remake was that it made the Freddy mythology interesting and mysterious again. That was the last thing in the world that I expected to see, but I was pleasantly suprised. There were a few superfluose details that I didn’t like, but overall it was a good movie.

  48. new movies dont work this freddy movie will not work because killing movies r all the same i feel the acting is getting so bad its a laugh remakes r so bad old moves yeah all day so much reall and scare the crap out of u yeah…. am a big fan of freddys robert englund great actor now if he was play the role i would support this movie oh well

  49. I think Robert Englund should play Freddy again because i just think he was better at being Freddy an everyone i asked thinks th same thing. Everyone can tell the difference between Robert Englund and Jackie Earle Haley and i think Englund rocked the look better! And everyone is used to him as Freddy an want him to be Freddy again!

  50. I miss him too but we all have to accept the fact that someone else played kruger in a movie. Mabee the new guy isn’t better or worse, just different. We are all so used to Englund that anyone else would dissapoint us. If he comes back, if he doesn’t, we still got the classics.

  51. If you ask me I think Robert Englund should always play freddie! Whoever this new guy is, I don’t like hime!
    I went to see the new movie and I was very dissapointed with it. I feel that the new freddie didn’t play him like Robert Englund does. I feel that the new freddie was very lame and I will never see the new elm street again!

  52. Ok let’s all STOP talking about this worthless movie already…it SUCKED, end of story. Time to move on (to the next shitty remake, ugh)

  53. Robert Englund should have played freddy. Period.
    Jackie is a very good actor (way better in concistency and skills than englund), and even he contributed in something to the development of the character, I think no one is going to replace Englund as Freddy Krueger just like no one is going to replace Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach.

    The movie was ok, but only that. I really expected more. I hope the next movie in 3d would be more interesting. But they have to rethink drastically the plot…

  54. i reckon its sooo stupid that robs not the new freddy, robs been freddy for 20 something years and ive grown up with him been freddy i cant see why theyd just change him its pretty bullshit its like changeing marios look and voice why? does anyne know if he chose not to or just got replaced??/

  55. I went and seen the new nightmare on elm street yesterday,let me tell you the freddy character was not even scary looking, in my eyes he looked like a burnt up grinch. Robert Englund is freedy krueger and in my eyes you will never be able to replace that.

  56. I also grew up with Robert as Freddy. I’m also extremely disappointed that he’s not Fred Krueger anymore. But i’ll go see the remake with an open mind and let myself be surprised.

    @C.J about you FreddyvsJasonvsMichaelMyers Project: did you know that in the original script for Freddy vs Jason the movie ended with Freddy and Jason about to clash in hell when PINHEAD(!!!!) steps in and asked, “Now what seems to be the problem here gentlemen?”

    to all Robert Englund fans out there. i just finished watchin a 240 minute documentary on ALL the Freddy movies called Never Sleep Again. what a wonderful trip down memory lane. A MUST SEE. probably better than the remake of N.O.E.S. :) They all commented throughout the film. Wes Craven, Robert Englund, Heather LAngenkamp…


  57. Well we all saw the new Freddy and whilst JEH did a pretty good job, the film was pants.
    I have nothing against remakes. Some of them I’ve actually liked because they’re not really remakes.
    Tool Box Murders was a completely different film. Nothing of the original, also a good film, remains.
    Sorry, but I liked House of Wax. Again not really a remake.
    And now blasphemy. I liked Black Christmas. The original is a great film, easily one of the best. The remake was a by the numbers escaped lunatic kills college girls epic. It could have been called Xmas Offerings, Christmas Evil in the House on Sorority Row, Silent Night Deadly Night Returns or Slumber Party: A Very Merry Massacre and no one would be any the wiser. In my house it’s called The Yuletide Slayer and reveals itself to be an unusually violent and mean spirited movie for something made in the 00’s. The difference between these films and Shitemare on Crap Street is that they are just using the name to generate a bit of publicity. Where-as Platitude Dunce make genuine and very bad remakes of really big films. PD films are Asylum’s Mockbusters with the blatancy and fun removed. Mike Bay should remake Mega Shark v Giant Octopus, it would suite his talents.

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  64. I don’t appreciate them replacing Robert Englund with a new dude. I love all of the Freddy Kruger movies and I was highly disappointed when I saw the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street and Robert Englund wasn’t in it. The other dude didn’t even sound like Freddy and I know that Robert would’ve did much better. Man, the other dude wasn’t even scary. I’m a big fan of Mr. Englund and I hate the fact that they didn’t have the original Freddy in the movie.Freddy Kruger should have never been displaced. He will go down in history and if they were to make another movie,they better have the best Freddy starring in it, which is Robert Englund.

  65. I mean that too. I don’t have nothing againt the other dude, but I’m used to Robert Englund playing Freddy Krueger. I loved scary movie ever since I was a little girl and Freddy Krueger is my all time favorite. Replacing him is like crushing a little girl’s dream that she has grown to love. I love Robert as Freddy and they need to put him back on the scene. <3 u Robert, make them star you as Freddy again because that remake was not right, especially for all your fans. Fight for what’s right because I know I will. I know you love your fans, so please do what’s in both of our best interest. Take your spot back and show the world that nobody can replace the REAL Freddy Krueger!!!

  66. Come back Robert Englund this new fellow seem like a nice guy, but he’s too nice to be Freddy Kruger!!!! Your fans miss you and your sharp raspy voice Robert. No one Can be your character. That’s like someone replayin Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. It just doesn’t work. Come back you fans miss you dearly. This other guy SUCKS, and on top on that he isn’t ever SCARY AT ALL. Please take rightfully respectfull place back. We love you and miss you. Tyran-

  67. I was definitely disappointed when I found out that Robert Englund wouldn’t play Freddy Krueger. Ehhh. :(

  68. […] Robert Englund! ¡Que usted lo pase muuuuy […]

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