Saw VI Writers Back For Seventh Movie

With Saw VI due for release on October 23, Twisted Pictures have already started the wheel moving on the seventh entry in the never-ending franchise. Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are set to once again pen the sequel, having been regular writers of the series since Saw IV back in 2007.

Having received their big break courtesy of Wes Craven, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon with the reality talent show Project Greenlight, Dunstan and Melton burst onto the screen with the low budget monster movie Feast, a Tremors-like yarn that would spawn two sequels.

No news as yet whether or not Kevin Greutert intends to step behind the camera once again (having previously been an editor on the series), and no cast members are confirmed, although it is highly likely that Tobin Bell will once again portray the Jigsaw Killer.


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10 Responses to “ Saw VI Writers Back For Seventh Movie ”

  1. It never eeeeeeeeeeeends… :( I hope VII is a bomb. Just because I always feel obligated to finish series, and I’d like there to be some conclusion soon. Especially after the dreadful Parts IV and V.

  2. I lost interest after the third to be honest, and I only rate the first as a good movie. Still, I’d take sequels over remakes any day, although some new ideas would be good!

  3. I agree 100%. And on top of that we have what looks to be a Saw clone “The Collector” on the way and I sure they will try to make a franchise out of the too.

  4. Ugh…

  5. They should have ended the series after the third. It was wrapped together so neatly in a box. I have gotten bored with this series and pay it no mind. I have no plans to see Part 6 at all and wish they would either completely change the story around or just end them. But people still flock to see them as they are made rather cheaply and turn a good sized profit. The first 3 were good but I would ignore all the rest.

  6. I wasn’t all that interested in seeing VI until the clip was put online of the carousel trap. I think the 2 minute clip managed to tease the audience enough and it worked for me. Can’t say I’m gonna rush to the theater to see it, but I’ll definitely catch it on DVD when it comes out.

  7. the end is really good and this movie is a real puzzle and there is Saw 7 for sure because detective … is not dead and he have survived from the trape Saw 7 will be the end of this amazing series of Saw
    watch Saw 6 it’s realy a good movie
    and for who have not watch d’ont watch? saw 6 and than you say it’s sick !

  8. […] Saw VI Writers Back For Seventh Movie […]

  9. Does anyone know how to contact any of the writers!!?!? Ive been trying to find out, because in the commentary they say “if you have any ideas for another one email us” and i have an AMAZING idea and cant find their emails anywhere

  10. Do you think it might be possible they were being sarcastic, Mike?

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