Scream (1981) DVD Artwork Revealed

scream_dvdA week or two ago we brought you the likely specs of Code Red/Shriek Show’s upcoming SCREAM (1981) DVD which is streeting June 30th, now Fangoria’s Michael Gingold has posted the cover art which is is a good balance between the visual requirements of modern DVD covers and the original primary artwork.

Source: Fangoria

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16 Responses to “ Scream (1981) DVD Artwork Revealed ”


    Code Red is doing an excellent job. On my blog I attempted to cover all of what they have coming up based on the rights they own. I know I skipped a few so feel free to comment me on what I missed. Still curious if they own the rights to “Spasms”?

    I heard “Scream” was really bad but was wondering if it is boring bad or Entertaining bad?

  2. I rented this on VHS back in 2002. Though, it has it’s flaws I found that the locations and over-all atmosphere was pretty decent. It seemed to be missing chunks of the story here and there, but if you enjoyed movies like Don’t go in the woods…Alone, and The Prey(which I do) then, you should like it. Other than what I stated, I don’t remember much about it, except for the ending.

  3. Thanks, I think I will pick up a copy as soon as its released. Those types of films from the 80’s were a blast. “The Forest” I really enjoyed. Still curious as to why Woody Strode is in “Scream”?

  4. This cover looks horrible! What are the red things on the left??? feathers???, palm leafs??? It looks like a cheap holiday catalogue. What I have always loved about the Code Red DVDs is the original cover art. It is an 80’s slasher not a new Hungarian direct to video flick.
    Why do they have to mess up the classic artwork? The same is true for “Weekend Murders”. Why do they insert red paint underneath the red title? It is heretic, shame on you!

  5. Hey goler, perhaps you should take note that this DVD is distributed by Media Blasters, Code Red simply produced the disc content.

  6. The artwork is not that bad. I’ve seen much worse. The Happy Birthday to Me DVD cover anyone?

  7. The old vhs vestron video artwork is not the original cover art. The original poster looks like a fishing/camping film. I have no control over the cover art. If media-blasters use the original cover art, no one will buy it.

  8. the cover art isn’t too bad at all. it gives me the impression of autumn. I’m going to try and buy it for sure – cant wait to hear the commentary. keep up the great work Code Red, and don’t listen to people like goler – they find anything to complain about. its pretty sad when people whine about something like the cover art of a DVD instead of thanking you for putting it out in the first place

  9. That’s true. I seriously doubt any other company is interested in releasing Scream on DVD.

  10. I Agree With Rusty Rod. If Goler Does Not Like The Artwork
    Don’t Buy The Dvd Or Make A Dvd Custom Cover Of The Old Vhs Cover.
    Its That Simple.

  11. I like the DVD cover a lot – the trees are evocative of isolation, which the film gives in spades.

  12. I kind of like the box art too. It’s odd, but interesting.

  13. Shriek Show is finally releasing this in January or February!

  14. CODE RED! You are seriously the best DVD company up there with anchor bay but can you PLEASE get the rights to the following films so they can finally be put out on DVD this year?
    Curtains (1983)
    The Prey (1981/1984?)
    The Mutilator (1985)
    The Slayer (1982)
    Killer Party (1986)
    Night School (1980)
    The Dorm That Dripped Blood (1982) (all uncut gore intact!)

    PLEASE! we already have pranks- but thats a crappy release of TDTDB. so Please do it this year!

  15. i got the vhs and this movie sucks

  16. Those aren’t leaves on the left side of the box. I’m pretty sure it’s the torn sails of the ship from the painting that opens and closes the movie.

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